Attic Dek vs. Plywood: Which to Choose?

Attic Dek vs. Plywood: Which to Choose?

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When it comes to finishing the unfinished space above your garage, you have a few options to go with, especially if you want to create a bit of storage space. Two of the most common options to create a little floor in your attic space include plywood and Attic Dek.

Today, we want to figure out what these two materials are, what makes them similar, and what makes them different.

Attic Dek and Plywood: The Basics

Before we talk about similarities and differences, let’s first figure out what both Attic Dek and plywood are.

What Is Attic Dek?

Attic Dek is a specific type of paneling system designed to finish the unfinished space above your garage or in your attic. Specifically, these are panels that are made out of extremely durable and high-quality plastic.

This paneling isn’t solid, as it has a grid shape. Although, the holes in the grid are small enough so that the panels can be easily used as a floor or a storage space, which is its exact purpose. These are plastic panels that come in a variety of sizes and just click into place.

You can just click one into the other, and so on and so forth, to create a little floor. This is specifically designed to cover ceiling joists that are not covered in flooring material. Let’s keep in mind that Attic Dek is a specific brand name, not just a type of material.

What Is Plywood?

Plywood is a type of engineered wood, which means that it is originally made out of solid lumber. Solid lumber is cut down into very thin sheets or strips known as veneers. These veneers are then laid side-by-side to create a solid sheet.

Several layers are put on top of each other, with each layer being perpendicular to the last. This creates a so-called cross-grain pattern that is extremely durable, flexible, and holds onto screws very well. These layers are then pressed and glued together to form a solid sheet.

Plywood is of course used in a wide variety of settings, can serve many purposes, and comes in many different variations and grades.

Similarities of Attic Dek and Plywood

Now that we know what both Attic Dek and plywood are, let’s figure out what makes them similar. As you are about to see, they really don’t have many things in common.

1. They Can Both Be Used for Flooring

As mentioned above, Attic Dek is designed to be a flooring system for unfinished spaces above garages and in attics. Of course, you can use basic plywood to do the same thing.

2. They’re Easy to Work With

The other similarity that these two things share is that they’re both fairly easy to work with, albeit Attic Dek is probably easier to work with than plywood.

Differences Between Attic Dek and Plywood

Let’s now go take a look at all of the major differences between Attic Dek and plywood.

1. Weight Bearing Capabilities

Although it may not look like it, Attic Dek panels are actually extremely strong and can bear a whole lot of weight. Each panel can bear 250 pounds. Although plywood can also bear a good deal of weight, especially when it is quite thick, it still doesn’t stand up to Attic Dek.

2. Moisture Resistance

There are some plywood types out there that are totally moisture-proof and water-resistant, such as marine-grade plywood. However, the vast majority of plywood is not totally waterproof, and some isn’t even moisture resistant. Attic Dek panels on the other hand are made out of 100% high-quality plastic and are therefore 100% waterproof.

3. Flexibility and Impact Resistance

Attic Dek panels are designed to support a good deal of weight and are therefore fairly thick and hard. For this reason, they’re not overly flexible. Although they can handle a good deal of punishment, an extreme bump or drop could cause them to crack or snap.

On the other hand, plywood is designed to be somewhat flexible, and due to the way in which it is built, it can resist some impacts. In terms of impact resistance and flexibility, plywood is probably the better option.

4. The Appearance

When it comes down to it, Attic Dek panels are fairly visually unappealing black plastic grids. They certainly don’t look very nice, although for basic storage purposes in your attic or above the garage, what they look like really doesn’t matter. However, plywood does typically look a bit better.

5. Workability and Ease of Use

Attic Dek panels come in a few sizes to fit between standard roof beam spacing. However, you can’t really cut them down to size. Plywood, on the other hand, can be cut down to size as needed. However, plywood does of course need to be cut and screwed, while Attic Dek panels simply click into place.

6. General Applications

Attic Dek panels are designed for one specific thing, to create a floor on an unfinished space in an attic or above a garage. Plywood on the other hand is designed for a wide variety of construction-related applications.

Attic Dek vs. Plywood: Which of the Two Should You Use?

If you are looking to make a storage space above your garage or in your attic, and the floor is currently unfinished, then you want to use Attic Dek panels.

However, if you are building walls, doing floor underlayment, roof underlayment, building sheds, or anything else of the sort, then plywood is what you will need.


There you have it folks, everything that you need to know about Attic Dek panels and plywood, which should hopefully help you make a decision between them.