7 Best Palm Sanders to Get in 2023

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Best Palm Sanders to Get in 2020

For light-duty tasks at home, a palm sander can do the job. Not only are they less expensive than belt sanders (which are mostly for industrial use) but they are also ideal for people who like to do DIY home improvements.

If you want to choose the best palm sander, read on our reviews below to get started. After all, not all palm sanders are the same due to different OPM (orbits per minute), which can vary between models and brands.

And if you don’t have the time to read through all of our favorite picks, then jump straight to our top pick: the Ridgid 18V OCTANE Cordless Brushless 1/4 Sheet Sander.


Top Pick

Ridgid 18V OCTANE Cordless Brushless 1/4 Sheet Sander

Our top-rated cordless palm sander. It’s equipped with variable speed, a front guard, and a 3-speed digital selector.

With three speed settings to choose from, the Ridgid 18V OCTANE Cordless Brushless 1/4 Sheet Sander is made with a digital selector for convenient switching between different settings. Since it has a front grip guard, it is ergonomic for hours of operating. The tighter hold on the sandpaper clip also helps to decrease frustration when sanding.

If you have any of the common hose sizes for a shop vac (1 1/4,  1 7/8, and 2 1/2-inch), you can easily connect this palm sander for dust collection. Also, its AIRGUARD technology helps with the dust collection while the brushless motor helps to conserve its durability (and reduce noise as well).

Since it has a smaller dust bag, you can use it even with larger batteries if you want to extend its cordless life. It has a speed of up to 14,000 RPM and all you need is to purchase the battery. Included in the pack, along with the sander, is a sandpaper set, a dust bag, a hose adapter, and a user’s manual.

Things I Like About This Product: It has variable speed, has a front guard to help keep your hands from slipping, and it has a smaller dust bag for portability and to reduce weight for the battery.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying This Product: It comes without a battery so that will need to be purchased separately.



Bosch GSS20-40 Orbital Finishing Sander

A quality corded orbital palm sander from Bosch. It has an advanced high speed electrical motor with a powerful capacity of 2.0 amps and 12,000 oscillations per minute. Additionally, it has a premium dust collection system and a soft grip.

For those who want a fine, streak-free finish for their home sanding project, you might want to try  the Bosch GSS20-40 Orbital Finishing Sander. Orbital sanders are special since they spin differently than regular sanders, creating fewer spin streaks. This one has up to 12,000 OPM with a 2.0-amp motor.

Something I like about this sander is the dust collection system, which has a microfilter dust canister that easily filters out even the smaller particles. The screw-off cap also makes it easy to clean and secure afterward. Meanwhile, the sanding plate is made with aluminum which is not only lightweight, but also durable.

There is also lower vibration thanks to its design while the soft-grip handle helps with managing user fatigue. Its clamping and pad design can hold multiple sanding sheets so you can enjoy working on different types of materials. It even can accommodate stick-on sandpaper! It is backed by a limited 1-year warranty.

Things I Like About This Product: The clamp can use multiple sandpapers and even stick-on paper so you can use it for different materials. Cleaning up and managing the dust extractor area is easy with the screw-on cap and fine filter.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying This Product: It can be a little on the noisy side compared to similar palm sanders. It also doesn’t have variable speed control.



Black & Decker DEQS15C Electric 1/4 Sheet Sander

An affordable palm sander complete with comfort grip handle design, built-in dust collection, and a dust sealed power switch.

The Black & Decker DEQS15C Electric 1/4 Sheet Sander is a corded option that has a built-in dust collector for you to keep your workstation clean. Its power switch is also dust-sealed to prevent debris from ruining the inner parts.

The noise is minimal since it is a small unit, which can also be easy to maneuver compared to larger ones. With its six foot cord, it can be sufficient for most home projects. Also, since it has a comfort grip design, it’s less likely to cause user fatigue or shaky hands after using the sander for a long period of time.

If you do want to use more than just a quarter sheet of sandpaper, the clips can still hold on just fine. The 1.5-amp motor is applicable for 110V systems and has a two-prong plug. It is also backed by a 1-year limited warranty.

Things I Like About This Product: The weight is not too much to carry around (which lessens fatigue) while it is also corded so you get unlimited power.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying This Product: It might not work well with sticky paper as compared to my previous pick.


Premium Option

DeWalt DCW200B 20V MAX XR Palm Sander

A premium palm sander from DeWalt. It’s equipped with a brushless motor, variable speed control, and a dust-sealed switch. It also feature a paper clamp to hold paper securely and allow for easy installation.

Yet another variable speed option that you can try is the DeWalt DCW200B 20V MAX XR Palm Sander, which has 8,000 to 14,000 OPM for you to adjust depending on your project. Since it uses a brushless motor, it vibrates less and will cause less noise when running. Also, the switch is dust-sealed to protect the internal parts from debris.

Installation of the sandpaper is a breeze due to a well-designed paper clamp. Another feature that I like is the low profile design, which allows you to sand your material even in tight spaces. There is also a pad brake for protection while the dust chute is easy to remove for clean-up after use.

Furthermore, it is compatible with any DeWalt 20V battery that you might be using for other tools by this brand. If you have any of the DWV010 or DWV012 dust collectors then you will find this unit to be compatible with them.

Things I Like About This Product: It has variable speed for different projects or materials while the low profile design allows you to get into small spaces.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying This Product: This is a bare tool only, so you need to buy the battery separately. It also doesn’t come with sandpaper.


Worth Considering

Makita BO4556K 2.0 Amp 4-1/2-Inch Finishing Sander with Case

A durable palm sander with an all-ball bearing construction and a counterweight balancing system. This finishing sander comes with a case for easy storage and portability.

If you prefer to travel with your palm sander, you may like the Makita BO4556K 2.0 Amp 4-1/2-Inch Finishing Sander with Case. This one has an all-ball bearing construction and a counterweight balancing system which reduces vibrations when you operate it. Also, the rubber-sealed switch keeps the debris of your material from getting inside during sanding.

The placement of the on and off switch is thoughtfully placed out of the way, so it won’t be susceptible to accidental triggers. As it is a corded-electric palm sander, it has a six-foot-long power cord. I also like that the design helps you with sanding even with one-handed operation. Also installing the sandpaper is easy thanks to the large clamp.

As for the dust collection system, it uses a through-the-pad method to decrease the likelihood of falling debris everywhere. With a speed of 14,000 OPM, this palm sander has a 2-amp motor and is made with a rigid aluminum foot for durability, while only weighing 2.6 pounds for easy lifting and maneuvering. It is also backed by a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Things I Like About This Product: The portable design and the included case allows you to travel with the sander easily.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying This Product: Setting up the paper clam can be a bit tricky at first compared to previous models.


Worth Considering

DeWalt DWE6411K Palm Sander

A quality palm sander with a locking dust-port system. Its reduced height and counterweight design allows it to be used almost anywhere, for a range of projects.

You might like the DeWalt DWE6411K Palm Sander if you want an all-in-one kit that includes a carrying bag, paper punch, and a dust bag. At 14,000 OPM, this palm sander has a separate counterweight design to reduce its overall vibration and user fatigue. Because it is not too high, it can be useful for tight spaces.

As with most of my previous picks, the switch is thoroughly sealed to protect its gears and motor from collecting dust. Vacuum connections are made easy due to the locking dust-port system. Running on 120V systems, this unit has a 2.3-amp motor with a securely-designed paper clamp to keep the sanding paper in place.

The design of the dust port allows you to connect it to DWV010 or DWV012 dust collectors without the need for adapters. However, you can also use the DWV9000 universal quick connector in case you have other shop vacs with a 1 1/4-inch size hose. The unit is backed by a 3-year limited warranty.

Things I Like About This Product: It is a corded unit so it can give you unlimited power while the counterweight design and low-profile look can also make it a breeze to maneuver for long hours of tasks.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying This Product: It is not variable speed as compared to some of my previous picks.


Worth Considering

Porter-Cable 380 1/4 Sheet Palm Sander

A simple yet powerful corded palm sander. Its 2.0 Amp motor moves at 13,500 opm and its dual plane, counter-balanced low-vibration design reduces user fatigue.

Yet another unit with a counterbalanced low-vibration design (dual plane), the Porter-Cable 380 1/4 Sheet Palm Sander. It is also user-friendly in terms of handling and gripping. This one has a 2-amp motor that runs up to 13,500 OPM while it has a dust-sealed switch as well to keep its internal parts clean.

It can be used to perform sanding even in corners. I also like that it reduces noise and motor wear due to the 100% ball-bearing construction. As it is a corded palm sander, you can use it for hours without worrying about low battery situations.

Because it only weighs 2.3 pounds, it’s not too much to make you feel fatigued at the end of the job. Included with the sander is a paper punch and the instruction manual, as well as a 3-year limited warranty. Along with that warranty policy are a 1-year free service and a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Things I Like About This Product: The lightweight feel and low vibration design can help you perform sanding in awkward areas such as corners.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying This Product: You might not like it if you prefer a variable speed palm sander for your projects.


The Methodology: What I Considered When Picking the Palm Sanders Featured Above

Here are some criteria that you might find useful since I used them in choosing the palm sanders that I reviewed above:


The speed of a palm sander is usually measured in OPM or orbits per minute while some manufacturers display RPM (rotations per minute). Higher speeds can be better for quickly sanding material although it also depends on what material you’re working on.

If you want a flexible tool to use with various projects, it is best to get a variable speed palm sander. They can be adjusted between two to three speeds so that your motor will not overheat so easily and you will find the right speed for each job. On some occasions, too much speed could also lead to dents or burns on the material because it can be harder to control the evenness.

Cordless vs. Corded

Know first if you want to use a corded or a cordless unit, as both of them have their pros and cons. For instance, cordless units work best if you often move around in your work area or if you intend to use the palm sander outdoors where an outlet might not be reachable (or your extension cord is not enough). Keep in mind that cordless units can be a little heavier because they include the battery.

On the other hand, corded-electric palm sanders tend to be more lightweight, but they do have a cord, which should be managed to avoid accidents. Nonetheless, palm sanders such as these are ideal for hours upon hours of sanding with no limits, unlike battery-powered ones. Just choose which setup fits you best.

Sanding Paper Clamp

Palm sanders need to be able to clamp the sandpaper as tightly as possible so it doesn’t get loose during the sanding process. The majority of palm sanders out there can accept quarter size sheets but some can also take more layers if possible and even sticky papers so that it is more secure.


None of us want to feel exhausted and fatigued after we have worked on a sanding project. That’s why I only picked palm sanders that aren’t too heavy to carry around, especially if this is your first time using one.

You should find a palm sander that is around two pounds so that it’s not too bulky to maneuver from side to side to get an even finish for your material. I’d also recommend corded tools if you want a lighter unit since they don’t have a bulky battery for you to carry around.

Noise Levels

What I don’t like in a low-quality tool is that they tend to be quite noisy, but that’s given sometimes. Nonetheless, you’ll want to pick a palm sander that has a brushless motor to make sure it doesn’t vibrate too much or make a lot of noise.

Counterbalance weight designs also help in lessening the vibration of the tool. After all, jarring noise could hurt your ears, even if you were wearing noise protection gear.

Easy Grip

To help your palm sander perform the best job that it can, it needs to have a user-friendly grip. The handle should be non-slip and easy to hold for hours while lessening vibration so that you won’t easily feel fatigued at the end of the day.

Power tools that don’t have safety grips could harbor accidents in the workplace. That’s why it is important to have a well-designed handle for your palm sander, especially if you are new to handling such a tool for a DIY project at home.

Warranty Policy

Last, but not the least, always know what the warranty policy covers and for how long the tool can be serviced. Most of my picks here have a 1-year warranty while some even have up to three years – it depends on the manufacturer and what is covered (e.g. parts, motor, etc.) so you should know that as well before making your purchase.



If you want a variable-speed palm sander, I’d recommend the Ridgid 18V OCTANE Cordless Brushless 1/4 Sheet Sander or the DeWalt DCW200B 20V MAX XR Palm Sander. But if you are okay with a single-speed unit, you might like the Bosch GSS20-40 Orbital Finishing Sander, Porter-Cable 380 1/4 Sheet Palm Sander, or the DeWalt DWE6411K Palm Sander.

For those who value portability when looking for a palm sander, the Black & Decker DEQS15C Electric 1/4 Sheet Sander and the Makita BO4556K 2.0 Amp 4-1/2-Inch Finishing Sander with Case may interest you since they are lightweight and are easy to carry around.

Cordless units such as the Ridgid 1/4 Sheet Sander will appeal to you if you prefer to work outdoors. On the other hand, corded-electric options include the Black & Decker DEQS15C Sander, Makita BO4556K Finishing Sander with Case, and the Porter-Cable 380 1/4 Sheet Palm Sander.