Bosch vs. Porter-Cable: Which of the Two Brands Is Better?

Bosch vs. Porter-Cable: Which of the Two Brands Is Better?

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If you are looking to fill that garage up with plenty of tools and accessories for your arsenal, you obviously want the highest quality tools for the money you plan on spending.

Two of the most popular brands you might be considering are Bosch and Porter-Cable. That said, between the two, which one should you choose?

A Brief History of Bosch and Porter-Cable

Bosch is a very old company and it was founded all the way back in 1883 in Stuttgart, Germany. It was founded by Robert Bosch. At this point in time, Bosch is officially known as Robert Bosch GmbH, and is based in Gerlingen, Germany.

Bosch is a very popular brand name which to this day is well known for producing a vast array of power tools. However, The company is also known for producing goods for other market sectors including mobility solutions, industrial tech, consumer goods, energy and building tech, and more.

Not only is Bosch very old, but it is also a huge company by all rights, and is in fact one of the world’s largest producers of power tools. At this time, Bosch has roughly 400,000 employees, with annual revenues estimated at around 95 billion dollars.


Long Story Short…


A German engineering company doing way more than just power tools. Among handymen, it’s known for its high-quality cordless tools.


On the other hand, we have Porter-Cable, which is also quite old, although not as old as Bosch. Porter-Cable was founded in Syracuse, New York in 1906. The company was founded by three men, R.E. Porter, G.G. Porter, and F.E. Cable, hence why it is called Porter-Cable. At this time, the company headquarters is located in Jackson, Tennessee, and yes, it is still an American company.

Porter-Cable is known for its focus on power tools and accessories, and it does produce a fairly wide variety of them. An interesting fact here is that although Porter-Cable as a company is not extremely large, it was the company that invented and introduced tools such as the portable belt sander, the portable band saw, and the helical drive circular saw to the market.

What is also important to note is that in 2004, Stanley Black & Decker actually purchased the Pentair Tools Group, which at the time was the owner of Porter-Cable. To this day, Stanley Black & Decker owns the brand.

As mentioned before, Porter-Cable is not a huge company, as it currently has somewhere around 3,000 employees with annual revenues estimated at 100 million dollars.


Long Story Short…


Porter-Cable is a popular entry- to mid-level power tool brand headquartered in Tennessee. It’s owned by Stanley Black & Decker.


Bosch vs. Porter-Cable: Which Offers Better Quality?

One thing that Bosch is well known for is producing a vast array of tools, and lots of them. In 2018, it made over 50 million power tools. Bosch is also known for producing average to higher-end tools, and they come in at decent prices. Although Bosch tools are not seen as being the best for professionals and builders, they are seen as being ideal for homeowners, DIYers, and for general repairs around the house.

People do say that Bosch tools are comfortable, functional, and reasonably priced, yet they could be a little more durable, which is why they are not exactly ideal for heavy-duty daily use. Most Bosch tools are currently made in Malaysia, Mexico, Taiwan, and China, with a select few being made in Switzerland, Germany, and the USA.

No, the tools coming out of China and other such places don’t have too many complaints, but there is no doubt about the fact that Europe- and America-made products receive higher praise.

Bosch Drill/Driver

In terms of tools quality, Porter-Cable is seen as being about on par with Bosch, or maybe just a little bit lower down on the scale. Porter-Cable tools are also known for being quite comfortable and fairly functional, and of course, they are very reasonably priced too. That said, the level of longevity and durability that you get from Porter-Cable tools can be quite limited.

Porter-Cable power tools are seen as being fine for work around the house, some light-duty repairs, and some DIY work, but are definitely not seen as being ideal for professionals or for heavy-duty daily use. That said, people still like Porter-Cable power tools because they come in at affordable prices.

Do keep in mind that the vast majority of Porter-Cable products are manufactured either in China or Mexico.

Porter-Cable Jigsaw

Which Offers a Better Warranty?

In terms of warranties, Bosch offers its customers a one-year limited warranty on most power tools, with a few exceptions. This warranty can then be extended to two years upon warranty registration.

When it comes to Porter-Cable, it offers a one-year limited warranty, with some select tools coming with a three-year limited warranty.

When it comes down to it, both Bosch and Porter-Cable have decent warranties, although nothing amazing.

Bosch vs. Porter-Cable: Which Has a Better Product Portfolio?

One thing that can be said right off the bat here is that Bosch is a much larger company than Porter-Cable, and therefore it is more than safe to assume that it produces a far wider array of products.

One of the reasons why this is the case is of course because Bosch also produces goods for different markets, not just power tools. Although Porter-Cable is no slouch when it comes to the selection of power tools and accessories it offers, it still cannot keep pace with the much larger Bosch.

Bosch Power Tools

Which Brand Offers a Better Selection of Drills and Impact Drivers?

There is no denying the fact that the selection provided by Porter-Cable is not huge. Between all drills and drivers, there are six products to choose from, with another four impact drivers. When it comes to Bosch, the selection if much larger, with well over 30 drills and well over a dozen impact drivers.

Which Brand Offers a Better Selection of Wood Routers?

When it comes to wood routers, Porter-Cable currently has 12 products available for sale, with Bosch having 13 products available, plus a variety of combo kits and router tables.

Which Brand Offers a Better Selection of Jigsaws?

At this time, the Porter-Cable website has a total of three jigsaws listed for sale, whereas Bosch has a total of eight.

Porter Cable Jigsaw

Which of the Two Brands Should You Choose?

Whether you choose Porter-Cable or Bosch will depend on a few different things.

First off, if you want a larger selection of power tools across the board, Bosch is the way to go. This is also true if you are looking for fairly high-quality tools. The warranties provided by these two brands are about the same, so that’s not going to be a difference-maker.

However, another difference-maker is the price, and yes, on average, Bosch is a bit more expensive than Porter-Cable.


At the end of the day, both Bosch and Porter-Cable are great brands, and both produce products that are ideal for light-duty use, DIY projects, and repairs around the house.

While neither brand is particularly suited for heavy-duty and professional use, if you do need tools for your job, then you probably want to consider the slightly higher quality brand, Bosch.

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