CertainTeed vs. IKO: Which Shingles Brand to Choose?

CertainTeed vs. IKO: Which Shingles Brand to Choose?

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If you’re looking for some new shingles, then you’ve come to the right place, because we are about to compare two of the most popular shingles manufacturers in the world – IKO and CertainTeed. Both are regarded as being great brands in their own right, although there are big differences between them, and these differences are exactly what we are here to highlight.

Continue reading to find out which – if either – of the two brands is a better choice for your project.

CertainTeed Overview

CertainTeedFirst, we have CertainTeed, which is one of the largest shingles and roofing manufacturers in Canada and the USA, and one of the oldest too. It’s been around since 1904, and this brand currently has over 60 different manufacturing and retail facilities located in Canada and the USA.

It’s also regarded as being one of the oldest, biggest, and most popular producers of asphalt shingles in the United States. This is our main concern for today.

Furthermore, many people love this brand name because the product selection is huge, with many different types of asphalt shingles being available. Many people also like CertainTeed as a brand because the shingles are very large and heavy, more so than other brands.

These shingles are up to 50% heavier than shingles from other brands, which allows for much greater durability.

These are some of the most sought-after shingles in Canada and the USA, with the Landmark lineup being one of the best sellers.

As far as residential shingles are concerned, the Landmark is one of the most popular in Canada and the USA. Remember that this is a relatively high-end and expensive brand, but there are a few slightly more affordable options if you need them.

IKO Overview

IKO ShinglesWe then have IKO, which was founded in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, in 1951, making them about 70 years old. Many people love that this is a family-owned brand, not a massive public company.

Furthermore, there are over 40 different manufacturing facilities located in North America in Europe, therefore actually making it a fairly large company with a worldwide presence.

It also happens to be a fairly respected brand name, especially among people who need relatively high-quality products at very low prices. Yes, IKO is most often seen as a budget brand, certainly nothing high-end, but this is exactly why people like it.

It’s all about being able to get a decent product at a relatively affordable price. One of the more popular shingles from this brand name is the Cambridge.

CertainTeed vs. IKO: How Do They Compare?

Now that you know a little bit about both of these brand names, let’s do a side-by-side comparison to see what they are all about.

Product Lineup

If we are talking about the product selection from IKO, there are about 10 different asphalt shingles to choose from, and they all come in plenty of different colors.

We then have CertainTeed, which has over 14 different types of shingles to choose from, and they come in just as many colors too. If product selection is your biggest defining factor, then CertainTeed is the better option to consider.

Overall Quality

In terms of overall quality, let’s just say that CertainTeed is regarded as being one of the best shingles manufacturers in the world, and it’s all because those shingles are about 50% heavier than the rest.

These are seen as being some of the most fire, algae, and weather-resistant shingles in the world, not to mention that they have excellent impact resistance as well. If we are talking about IKO shingles, they are regarded as being acceptable, but nothing overly special.


Where durability is concerned, there is just no better than CertainTeed. This is seen as being one of the very best brands in the world, with excellent impact resistance, minimal granule loss, and so much more.

These are some of the strongest and longest-lasting shingles in the world. On the other hand, if we are talking about IKO, these shingles are not overly durable. Yes, they are durable enough considering the low prices they come in at, but don’t expect any miracles out of them.

Wind Rating

The IKO Cambridge and the CertainTeed Landmark both feature wind ratings of 130 mph, as do most of the other shingles from both brand names. However, CertainTeed does appear to have more shingles rated for higher winds than IKO.

Algae Resistance

One area where IKO excels is with algae resistance, as this brand uses a variety of technologies to prevent algae from occurring, although CertainTeed does the exact same.

Therefore, both brands are about even on this front, although CertainTeed probably still has the advantage.

Energy Efficiency

Not all of the shingles from the IKO brand are Energy Star certified, although the Cambridge is. On the other hand, virtually all, if not all of the shingles from the CertainTeed brand name are Energy Star certified and guaranteed to help save money over the long run.

Fire Rating

The vast majority of shingles from both brands, if not all of them, feature Class A fire ratings, which is the best in the industry.


Both brand names offer limited lifetime warranties on their products, although you have to be careful with the fine print with IKO, as it is very easy to void the warranties.


You can expect to spend roughly between $0.50 and $1.00 per square foot for IKO shingles, and anywhere between $4 and $8.50 per CertainTeed shingles.

CertainTeed vs. IKO: Which Offers Better Roof Shingles?

There is simply no question about the fact that CertainTeed makes the very best shingles in the world. We are confident in saying that these are some of the most durable, algae-resistant, fire-resistant, wind-resistant, and impact-resistant shingles in the world.

IKO is a perfectly fine brand to consider if you need a budget-friendly option that won’t cost much money, although don’t expect anything special out of their products.

When all is said and done, IKO might just be one of the very best budget-friendly brands in the world, whereas CertainTeed is absolutely one of the best premier brands in the industry.

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