DeWalt DCS380B Review: A Recip Saw Worth Getting?

DeWalt DCS380B Review: A Recip Saw Worth Getting?

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Gone are the days of tool inconvenience – not only does a reciprocating saw adapt easily to different materials, but it also speeds up work as opposed to manual methods. Best for job site tasks such as plumbing, piping, woodworking, and the like, the DeWalt DCS380B 20V MAX Reciprocating Saw is a fair choice for a reciprocating saw, especially if you’re into cordless tools.

However, if you’d like to know more about this product, read my review below to find out about its specs, pros, and cons so you can decide for yourself.


Reviewed Product

DeWalt DCS380B 20V MAX Reciprocating Saw

A lightweight and ergonomically designed reciprocating saw from DeWalt. It’s got a rubberized handle for a secure and comfortable grip, and a 4-position blade clamp.


The DeWalt DCS380B is a lithium-ion powered tool that you can carry to your shop or work area, with a convenient and ergonomic design. You can expect it to deliver when it comes to standard tasks such as working with pipes and quick carpentry tasks.

It has a 20V MAX battery that’s also used by other similar cordless tools from DeWalt. The reciprocating saw spans a length of 18 inches and weighs six pounds.


Bearing a stroke length of 1 1/8 inches, this tool has a variable speed of 0 to 3,000 SPM so you can control just how much pressure you want to put into cutting your material without ruining it. The length is quite standard with most reciprocating saws and so is the speed range.


DeWalt backs up its tool with a 3-year limited warranty, which also includes a 1-year free service and a 90-day money-back guarantee. However, to further extend durability, it has a double oil sealed shaft, which reduces wear-and-tear to the saw’s motor.


In terms of usability, this cordless reciprocating saw is quite a champ – you’ll be able to hold it easily due to the rubber over-molded comfort grip. This is useful when you’re in high humidity or other unfavorable conditions.

There is also a four-position blade clamp, which is useful for flush cutting. Furthermore, this reciprocating saw doesn’t require tools to change the blade, making it easy and safe for the operator. It also has a pivoting adjustable shoe, which preserves the blade lifespan and so you can adjust the cutting depth to your liking.

DeWalt DCS380B in Use

Should You Buy the DeWalt DCS380B?

Because the DeWalt DCS380B is only six pounds, as compared to some units that are about eight pounds, you’ll like this reciprocating saw if your concerns involve arm fatigue. Since it is lightweight yet packs the right amount of speed and stroke length for a reciprocating saw, it is ideal for tasks involving working on a ceiling or in an awkward position.

Another reason you will like this reciprocating saw is because of the handle’s ergonomic design. Even for a lightweight tool, if there are not enough rubber grips on the handles then it could easily slip away, causing accidents (hopefully not!).

If you are still unsure about the decision, go through the below list of the pros and cons of the tool.

Pros of the Product

Let’s start with the pros.

The tool is lightweight and easy to hold.

At only six pounds, this reciprocating saw is much lighter than most of its kind (some are eight pounds give or take). Having a power tool that is not too heavy is helpful to prevent or lessen user fatigue – no one wants to work in their shop or job-site feeling sore arms after a shift!

Since a reciprocating saw is used for cutting pipes and maintenance work, holding a tool in awkward positions, such as overhead, is a common scenario. That’s why having a lightweight tool will benefit the operator in the long run.

It has an adjustable shoe.

The shoe is the part of the reciprocating saw that is useful when cutting down sheet metal and any material that doesn’t exactly stay in place. If the shoe is adjustable in a pivoting manner, like with this tool, you will save time and effort working on material. What’s more, an adjustable shoe preserves blade life so you don’t have to keep sharpening or buying more when they dull or break.

It is a cordless tool with a lithium-ion battery.

A lithium-ion tool has no memory effect versus traditional batteries. In other words, the battery can stay in your shed or toolbox without the worry of automatically draining. Not to mention, you can use the battery for DeWalt’s other 20V MAX cordless tools.

The blade changing system is fuss-free.

Regular reciprocating saws you might have encountered in the past could have required special tools to change the blade, which is time-consuming. This is not the case with this reciprocating saw since it has a blade-changing lever.

DEWALT 20V MAX Reciprocating Saw, Tool Only (DCS380B)

Cons of the Product

On the other hand, while it has good points, the product has some minor drawbacks.

You will need a lot of batteries.

Make sure you get batteries that have a lot of stored power because smaller batteries might not be cut out for the job with this one. Consider at least three amps or higher for this tool to ensure that it will have a longer runtime.

The blade change lever needs improvement.

Since it is a tool-less system, the blade change lever is used a lot. However, in this tool, the lever could benefit from a little tweaking or redesign to ensure it doesn’t move accidentally when it’s not meant to (especially for safety purposes).

What Are the Alternatives to the DeWalt DCS380B?

Alternative to DeWalt DCS380B An alternative to the tool mentioned above is the DeWalt DCS367B, from the same brand. The difference is that this one has a lower max speed of 2,900 SPM but it does have a bright LED work light to help you in dark spaces. It is also much lighter in weight at only five pounds.

You can also try the Black & Decker BDCR20C which has a similar pivoting shoe and tool-free blade change system. Its maximum speed is also 3,000 SPM but the difference is that it has an electric brake to preserve motor and mechanical life.

Yet another tool-less blade change system is found on the Skil 9206-02. This one has counterbalance, which helps reduce user fatigue and vibration while it also has a pivoting foot for cutting through sheet metal.

Finally, make sure to also check my list of the best cordless reciprocating saws.


As a whole, the DeWalt DCS380B is a fairly-designed and ergonomic reciprocating saw that you can use for common maintenance and shop tasks, but it works best for overhead due to its lightweight and rubber grip design.

Although you will need more batteries to extend its runtime, it is a good starter and mid-range reciprocating saw to consider so you can get the job done.


Reviewed Product

DeWalt DCS380B 20V MAX Reciprocating Saw

A lightweight and ergonomically designed reciprocating saw from DeWalt. It’s got a rubberized handle for a secure and comfortable grip, and a 4-position blade clamp.