DeWalt DWS709 vs. DWS779: Which Miter Saw to Get?

DeWalt DWS709 vs. DWS779: Which Miter Saw to Get?

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You’ve probably heard that dual-bevel saws are convenient when making bevels without needing to flip the material in question. Therefore, I’m going to review two outstanding miter saws from the same manufacturer: the DeWalt DWS709 12-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw and the DeWalt DWS779 12-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw, to see which of them is better for you.

I’ll be listing their similarities and differences to help you decide which of these two DeWalt miter saws are more appealing for your projects.

A Quick Look at the Two DeWalt Miter Saws

As miter saws with a dual-bevel design, they are ideal for working on large crown moldings without having to move the material, unlike with a single-bevel sliding compound miter saw. Since both models have a similar blade size, they are typically used for dimensional lumber projects.


Reviewed Product

DeWalt DWS709 12-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw

A durable sliding compound miter saw from trusted DeWalt brand. This compact model is easily portable while still bringing the power with its 15-amp motor and 3,800 RPM. With 13 positive stops, this model is great for home improvement projects and deck builds.


As a 12-inch sliding compound miter saw with dual-bevel capacity, this unit has a 15-amp motor with a no-load speed that runs up to 3,800 RPM. It can cut dimensional lumber up to 2 x 14 inches at 90 degrees and 2 x 10 inches at 45 degrees.

For crown molding, it has a capacity of 5-1/2 inches for nested and base molding and 4-1/2 inches for vertical cuts. Despite the small vertical capacity, it has a total of 13 positive stops on its stainless steel miter detent plate.

At only 51 pounds in weight, this is one of the lightest miter saws in its class, so it is ideal for room-to-room projects. As well, it has a miter capacity of 60 degrees to the right and 50 degrees to the left. It has a horizontal capacity (baseboard) of 9-1/2 inches and a crown molding (lying flat) capacity of 8 inches. Like similar DeWalt models, you can choose between a 1-inch and a 5/8-inch arbor size for easy compatibility.

It has a good set of linear ball bearings, dual horizontal steel rails, and an oversized bevel scale that help with overall user accuracy and easy adjustment. The miter saw comes with a dust bag for debris management, as well as a blade wrench and a material clamp. All of this is backed by a 3-year warranty.


Reviewed Product

DeWalt DWS779 12-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw

A powerful sliding compound miter saw from trusted DeWalt brand. Efficient and durable, this model delivers great vertical cut and beveling capability. This powerful miter saw with a 3800 RPM motor is ideal for bigger projects that require higher bevel angles and larger pieces of wood or lumber.


The DeWalt DWS779 is a 12-inch miter saw that can cut up to 6-3/4 inches on its vertical miter capacity. As for bevel, you can set it up to 48 degrees for both left and right directions. When working with dimensional lumber, this saw can cut up to 2 x 10 inches at 45 degrees and 2 x 14 inches at 90 degrees. The powerful 15-amp motor runs on a no-load speed of 3,800 RPM.

When it comes to construction, the miter saw weighs 56 pounds. It has a stainless steel miter detent plate for added durability, and it also makes it easy to determine your preferred miter value for your material. There is also an oversized bevel scale that makes the job easier and a machined base fence support to protect the miter saw from years of abuse. On top of that, it has a secure clamping mechanism and linear ball bearings to add to its vertical holding capacity.

With a blade made of carbide material to keep up with the growing demands of the job site, the DeWalt DWS779 can power through projects with dimensional lumber, crown molding, laminate flooring, and similar tasks.

It also has a cam-lock miter handle that allows you to quickly bookmark your favorite miter setting for consistent results with precise accuracy. Also, if you’re looking for a miter saw that has both a 5/8-inch and a 1-inch arbor size, this is the model to get. Its warranty lasts for 3 years.

For a more detailed look, read my review of the DWS779.

DeWalt DWS709 vs. DWS779: Similarities

As both miter saws of the same size and purpose, the DeWalt DWS709 and the DWS779 do share a lot of similarities, such as the following:

Blade Size

Both the DeWalt DWS709 and the DWS779 share a similar 12-inch blade size, which can tackle larger pieces of wood in no time, versus a regular 10-inch miter saw blade.

If you are looking for an easier way to work through more dimensional lumber, I’d recommend getting a 12-inch blade, especially if you are in the furniture business, working on a deck project, cutting flooring lumber, or something similar. Smaller miter saws cannot easily cut large plywood in one pass so it’s best to use a 12-inch blade for that purpose.

Oversized Bevel Scale

When it comes to parameters, the oversized bevel scale of both the DeWalt DWS709 and the DWS779 is convenient to use and can help save time and effort.

If you are choosing a good miter saw, having an easy way to measure the bevel angles is important if you want to keep your tasks accurate. That’s why having a bevel scale that’s larger and much easier to read will have a positive effect on your productivity and overall work quality. There’s less likelihood of making mistakes because you can easily see the angle you’re working on.

Cam-Miter Lock

Another feature that makes the DeWalt DWS709 and the DWS779 share is the cam-miter lock. What this lock does, is that it sets your preferred user-defined miter value so the next time you position your material, you don’t have to set it again. This would save serious time for repetitive tasks that require the same miter value.

Aside from accuracy, a time-saving feature such as this is a plus point in any miter saw. Time is money when working on any project – if you need to meet a daily quota or just want to finish your project right away, having the cam-miter lock will prove to be useful when making similar miter cuts.

Cutting Speed and Motor

Both the DeWalt DWS709 and the DWS779 have a cutting speed of 3,800 RPM from their 15-amp motor. This value is typical with most 12-inch dual-bevel miter saws on the market today, especially within DeWalt’s line of tools.

Most 12-inch miter saws have a slower speed due to their size when compared to 10-inch saws, which can go up to 4,000 RPM or higher. However, the DeWalt DWS709 and the DWS779’s cutting speed is just right for your typical woodworking project.

DEWALT DWS779 12" Sliding Compound Miter Saw with DEWALT DW3128 Series 20 12-Inch 80 Tooth ATB Thin Kerf Crosscutting Miter Saw Blade with 1-Inch Arbor

DeWalt DWS709 vs. DWS779: Differences

While there are many common features between the DeWalt DWS709 and the DWS779, there are also some differences, such as the following:

Tool Weight

While the DeWalt DWS779 weighs 56 pounds, the DeWalt DWS709 is much lighter at only 51 pounds, making it more portable and easier to carry from one room to the next.

Although the tool weight is less of a concern if you want your miter saw to stay in place, there will be times when you need to move your miter saw from one room to another, and that’s the challenging part.

Nonetheless, if you aren’t bothered by the weight of the miter saw, this difference might not be interesting to you. However, for those who want a lightweight tool that can be easily lifted upstairs and downstairs, this is an important distinction to consider between the two miter saws.

Vertical Cutting Capacity

Although both of these saws have a 12-inch blade, the DeWalt DWS709 has a smaller vertical cutting capacity of only 4-1/2 inches, versus the 6-3/4-inch capacity of the DeWalt DWS779. Therefore, the DeWalt DWS779 is better suited for larger projects.

As I mentioned above, the  DeWalt DWS709 is a lightweight tool, which is probably why it also lacks vertical cutting capacity when compared with the DeWalt DWS779. Nonetheless, this doesn’t make it an inferior tool, as it is still sufficient for dimensional lumber and more advisable for use in deck building since most people would get tired after carrying a bulkier saw such as the DeWalt DWS779.

Bevel Capacity

The DeWalt DWS709 only has up to 45 degrees of bevel capacity on both sides as compared to the DeWalt DWS779, which can be set up to 48 degrees. The difference between the two is quite big so this will affect your work if you mainly use the miter saw for making bevel cuts.

Number of Positive Stops

Despite lacking vertical cutting capacity, the DeWalt DWS709 boasts 13 positive stops on its miter detents compared to only 10 of the DeWalt DWS779.

If you’re the type of woodworker who wants more preset angles because of different materials or projects, more positive stops are always beneficial and time-saving.

Which of the Two DeWalt Miter Saws Should You Get?

When comparing the differences between these two miter saws, I’d say that the DeWalt DWS779 is better than the DWS709 if you are looking for a good vertical cut and beveling capability. This would be more useful if you work on bigger projects that require higher bevel angles and larger pieces of wood or lumber.

However, if you prefer more preset positive stops for a wider range of projects, the DeWalt DWS709 is the more sound option. Not to mention, since it is lighter in weight as compared to the DeWalt DWS779, you’d probably prefer to use it for a home project such as deck building since it is only 51 pounds.


To summarize, both of these miter saws are worthy to get but it depends on your working preferences. For instance, I would suggest the DeWalt DWS709 if you want a lightweight miter saw that’s easy to carry around and has a lot of convenient positive stops for you to choose from.

However, if your main concerns are vertical cutting and beveling capacity to speed up work with larger projects, the DeWalt DWS779 is for you.