Hilti vs. Metabo HPT: Which of the Two Brands Is Better?

Hilti vs. Metabo HPT: Which of the Two Brands Is Better?

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When you go to buy power tools, it is usually best to stick with a single brand name, so that way you have tools from the same manufacturer in case you need any assistance and also for battery interchangeability.

That being said, finding the right brand name to create your arsenal from can be easier said than done.

Two popular names are Hilti and Metabo HPT, but which one is better?

A Brief History of Hilti and Metabo HPT

Hilti is both a very old and very highly regarded brand name. It was created all the way back in 1941 and started off as a simple family company founded by Martin Hilti and Eugene Hilti of Liechtenstein. It is interesting to note that Hilit is at this time the largest employer in all of Lichtenstein.

As can be seen from the white lettering with the red background, Hilti is closely related to Switzerland, as well as Germany too. Of course, Martin and Eugene are long gone, but the Hilti brand name is to this day still a family-owned company.

Hilti has sold over 5 billion Swiss Francs of power tools and other construction equipment which is quite impressive. This company has over 30,000 employees with over 120 offices. Some of these locations include India, Europe, and North America.

Hilti did not start by exclusively manufacturing power tools, but at this time, they are a leading manufacturer of a variety of tools.


Long Story Short…


While the brand’s product portfolio is rather limited, it’s arguably the world’s best hammer drill company. Its products are expensive but worth it if you are a professional.


On the other hand, we have Metabo HPT, which is a much newer company, as it was founded back in 1980. Metabo HPT is the North American brand name under Koki Holdings America, which is the North American division of the Japanese owned Koki Holdings Co. Ltd.

At this time, Metabo HPT focuses primarily on compact and high output motor tech. It is interesting to note that Metabo HPT has only been in North America for a few short years. It is also interesting to note that Metabo HPT was formerly known as Hitachi Power Tools.


Long Story Short…

Metabo HPT

Formerly a part of the Hitachi group, Metabo HPT is a brand offering a wide selection of tools. It is especially known for its nailers, angle grinders, and miter saws.


Hilti vs Metabo HPT: Which Offers Better Quality

Something to note is that the location of manufacturing is always important. Generally, you can tell how good a power tool brand name is based on where they manufacture their products.

Hilti products are fairly high in quality, and the reason behind this is because most of their products are made in facilities that adhere to high production standards. These facilities are located in Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Mexico, Austria, USA, India, and China.

Hilti Tools Quality

As you can see, most Hilti products are designed in locations with high standards, although some of the products which are made in China and India may be a little lower on the quality scale than those products made in the other facilities.

Some of the Chinese made Hilti products include corded and cordless electro-pneumatic hammer drills, corded and cordless screwdrivers, cordless saws and angle grinders, nails, basic epoxies, and a few others too.

For the most part, Hilti products are very nice.

On the other hand, we have Metabo HPT, and the important thing to note here is that Metabo HPT tools are all manufactured in Germany. This alone is enough to tell us that Metabo HPT tools are quite high in quality too.

Which Offers a Better Warranty?

Hilti offers a two-year warranty on all power tools which covers replacements and repairs due to wear and tear. There are no charges for parts, labor, and shipping within these first two years. Hilti will repair or replace parts that break due to a defect or workmanship for a full 20 years. This is indeed quite impressive.

Now, Metabo HPT actually as a more diverse array of warranties than Hilti, including a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, a professional five-year warranty on select products, two-year warranties on select products, one-year warranties on select products, as well as 90- and 30-day warranties on select products.

However, there is no denying the fact that Hilti has a better warranty. That 20-year replacement guarantee for defective tools just cannot be beaten.

Metabo HPT

Hilti vs. Metabo HPT: Which Has a Better Product Portfolio?

When it comes to the product portfolios of both companies, it is safe to say that Hilti definitely has a smaller portfolio. Now, Hilti does produce a wide array of power tools, and whether you need a drill, any kind of saw, a grinder, or anything else, Hilti will generally have at least a couple of choices in each category.

On the other hand, Metabo HPT has a bit of a larger product portfolio. They have more product choices available in each category, such as drills or saws, plus they also make lots of outdoor equipment. Metabo HPT makes a lot of outdoor and lawn care equipment, whereas Hilti does not.

Metabo HPT Product Portfolio

Which Brand Offers a Better Selection of Angle Grinders?

At this time, Hilti has 6 corded and 8 cordless angle grinders for sale, whereas Metabo HPT has nearly 32 choices available.

Metabo HPT has 3 times the selection of angle grinders than Hilti. In fact, the company is considered to be one of the best angle grinder makers in the world.

Which Brand Offers a Better Selection of Drills?

In terms of drills, both brand names actually have a fairly good selection of them, and this goes for both corded and cordless drills and drivers.

While Metabo HPT still may have a few more than Hilti, the difference in quantity is negligible. That said, Hilti is widely known as one of the best hammer drill makers.

Hilti Drill

Which Brand Should You Choose?

Quite honestly, making a judgment call here as to which brand is the better of the two is not easy.

On one hand, Hilti tools arguably don’t have quite the same level of quality as Metabo HPT tools (although both are definitely excellent), nor does Hilti have the same great selection.

However, Hilti has great warranties on all products, which is something that we do definitely look out for.


These brands are so close together in terms of most aspects that saying one or the other is better is not easy. If you need the best possible selection of tools, as well as good quality at decent prices, it’s probably Metabo HPT that you should go with, although Hilit is no slacker either.

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