How to Cut Rebar with an Angle Grinder

How to Cut Rebar with an Angle Grinder

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If you’ve got old rebar lying around that you need to cut for any purpose, then one of the best tools to use is an angle grinder. Angle grinders are extremely versatile tools, and cutting through very tough metal such as rebar is one thing that they can do extremely well.

Let’s teach you how to cut rebar with an angle grinder right now

Is an Angle Grinder the Best Tool for Cutting Rebar?

Angle Grinder The angle grinder is an extremely versatile tool that can handle many different types of discs or cutting heads.

An angle blinder is more than ideal for cutting rebar, as long as you have the right disc attached. If you want a very small and compact tool that is also lightweight and user friendly, as well as something that you can use for purposes other than cutting rebar, then it is a great way to go.

An angle grinder is not the number one fastest tool to use for cutting rebar, though, and purpose-made rebar cutters are generally much faster. However, they are also very large, expensive, and cumbersome. This makes the angle grinder a rather perfect tool for most average consumers.

If you don’t have any other tools on hand, especially power tools, then a manual hacksaw will work as well. However, keep in mind that using a hand-powered hacksaw is going to be very time and energy-intensive.

What Type of Angle Grinder Disc Should You Use for Cutting Rebar?

When you go to cut rebar with an angle grinder, one of the most important aspects here is that you have the right type of cutting discs.

No, not all cutting wheels or grinder discs are going to work for cutting rebar. For instance, your average ceramic cutting disc is not going to be able to cut through rebar very quickly.

At the very least, you can expect the ceramic disc to break or crack. For this reason, you need a very tough metal cutting disc. Generally speaking, this is going to take the form of a diamond cutting disc.

When you go to buy your cutting or grinding discs, you will see exactly what they are specified for. Therefore, make sure that whatever disk you get is rated to be able to cut through very dense and tough metal.

How to Cut Rebar with an Angle Grinder

Let’s now go through a quick step-by-step tutorial on exactly how to cut rebar using an angle grinder. Before you start, however, once again remember that you absolutely need to have the right kind of cutting disc.

Step 1: Take Safety Precautions

Using an angle grinder to cut metal can be fairly dangerous. Therefore, you do need to take proper safety precautions. At the very least, this means wearing some fireproof gloves and safety goggles. Wearing some ear protection probably is not a bad idea either. Make sure that you also wear long sleeves and long pants. Additionally, before you start, clear the area of anything flammable in case those sparks start to fly.

Step 2: Secure the Rebar

You are going to need both of your hands on the angle grinder to perform this task, and therefore will need to secure the rebar. You will need something like a clamp or vice to secure the metal in place so that it cannot move around. Do not attempt to hold the rebar in one hand and cut it with the other, as this is asking for an injury or accident to occur.

Step 3: Mark the Rebar

The next step here is to use something simple like a pencil or a piece of chalk to mark your rebar according to the cut that you want to make. Never do something like this freehand and always make an outline first.

Step 4: Make the Cut

Now you just hold the angle grinder firmly in both hands using the provided handles. Start your angle grinder up and get it going at maximum speed. You will now slowly touch the spinning disk of the angle grinder to the rebar and pass it through all the way. This is going to be easier if you are working from top to bottom as opposed to side to side. Simply make the cut in one clean sweep.

Step 5: Smooth It Out

If you are going to be using the rebar for something, you can now attach a sanding or grit accessory to your angle grinder to smooth out any jagged edges that may have been created during the cutting process.

Mistakes to Avoid, Tips & Tricks

Let’s quickly go over some tips and tricks to help make the process of cutting rebar with an angle grinder as easy as possible.

  • You generally want to use a much smaller cutting wheel for cutting rebar than for other tasks. A smaller cutting wheel has less flex and will therefore do a better job.
  • Whenever cutting any kind of metal with an angle grinder, always wear eye protection. Those sparks and the potential for the disk to break pose very real dangers to you.
  • Never let go of the angle grinder or start powering it down while you are still making the cut.


If you follow the steps and tips listed above, cutting rebar with an angle grinder should be fast and easy.