Makita 12V Multi-Tool Review: Should You Get One?

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Makita 12V Multi-Tool Review: Should You Get One?

When it comes to oscillating multi-tools, a quality tool is one that’s comfortable in terms of angle and speed. The Makita MT01R1 12V CXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Multi-Tool Kit is a flexible choice thanks to its usability features that will save time and effort.

If you want to know what’s in store for you with this cordless multi-tool, check out my review below to find out all about its pros and cons. This will help you decide whether this multi-tool is for you or not.


Reviewed Product

Makita MT01R1 12V CXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Multi-Tool Kit

A lightweight and portable cordless oscillating multi-tool. This unit has great usability and safety features.


This multi-tool focuses on a compact and comfortable design, allowing adjustments to various angles and spaces. This makes it ideal for users who are new to handling a multi-tool or those who are only working on casual weekend projects.


This multi-tool has a variable speed control dial that allows you to set the unit between 6,000 and 20,000 orbits per minute (OPM). This convenience will help you choose the right speed depending on the material that you’re working on, without breakage or causing a delay in your workflow.

What’s more, it has a 3.2-degree oscillation angle, which is significantly better in terms of cutting and sanding angles compared to common multi-tools that are typically only 3-degree. Moreover, it has a compact design that’s just 10-7/8 inches in length, allowing you to fit it into difficult spaces.

The weight of this tool is only 2.4 pounds, making it lightweight and easy to carry around. This weight is just right if you’re looking for a portable tool to bring with you around the jobsite or in your garage when you need simple repairs. Take note that this weight includes a battery as well, which means better productivity and less tired arms and hands!


The multi-tool is backed by a 3-year limited warranty, which includes the battery. Any authorized Makita service center will repair or replace your tool and battery if it qualifies.

As well, it has an anti-restart feature, which helps increase the motor’s longevity and the tool’s lifespan altogether. How this works is simple: when the battery is inserted with the switch locked on, it prevents the motor from starting automatically, resulting in less damage to your unit and battery.

Likewise, it has a soft start feature to improve the lifespan of the motor and keep it operating smoothly.


The top usability feature of this oscillating multi-tool is that it is lightweight and easy to handle. Another great feature is the variable speed, which is controlled through a dial to easily adapt to your needs depending on the material you’re working on.

Likewise, there is an LED light at the tip of this multi-tool, so you’ll find it easy to navigate in the dark and make fewer mistakes. It also features a hex wrench that can be used to remove and install each attachment on the tool.

Because it has onboard storage, it’s simple to make changes as needed. Moreover, it has a large on/off switch that is lockable, to avoid accidental startups. I also like that it has a 2-1/4-inch barrel grip that allows easier handling.

Makita 12V Multi-Tool in Use

Should You Buy the Makita MT01R1 12V Multi-Tool Kit?

The Makita MT01R1 best appeals to people who are working on simple projects, such as woodworking and home repairs. Among the different materials that it can handle include wood, PVC, plaster, sheetrock, and tiles, depending on the blade or attachment that you have for it.

If you are still unsure about your decision, go through the below list of the pros and cons of the tool.

Pros of the Makita MT01R1

Let’s start with the pros.

It’s lightweight.

At only 2.4 pounds, this multi-tool will be comfortable to use for hours of operation. Fatigued hands and arms are a thing of the past with this tool! Do keep in mind that this weight also includes the battery, a plus point for those searching for a cordless yet lightweight tool.

It has an impressive 3.2 degree oscillating angle.

This extended angle allows you to bend into spaces that common multi-tools can’t accommodate. If you are looking for a flexible and adaptable tool for your repairs and jobsite tasks, this unit is a great choice because it has a great oscillating angle.

It has a lock button.

With safety and productivity in mind, I picked this multi-tool because it has a lock button on the switch, allowing you to focus more on your task and less on the unit.

It has an onboard hex wrench tool.

Changing attachments is usually a hassle with most power tools. However this multi-tool is different, with its onboard storage for the hex wrench to avoid misplacement. If you need to work with different tool attachments in one project, this onboard hex wrench will simplify operation and save time in the long run.

Cons of the Makita MT01R1

Even though the Makita MT01R1 is a great tool, there are a few cons worth noting as well.

The battery life is not built for heavy-duty purposes.

If you are a casual user or a weekend warrior, this multi-tool will be just fine. However, don’t expect it to have the same power as a tool that’s meant for heavy-duty purposes or big projects due to its limited battery life.

The closing lever could be better.

The cutting depth is a bit affected by the design of the closing lever. Nonetheless, it is less of a con if you are not too meticulous with that.

What Are the Alternatives to the Makita MT01R1?

Alternative to Makita MT01R1 If you feel that the Makita MT01R1 is not the multi-tool for you, here are some other alternatives I’d like to suggest:

The Makita XMT03Z (read my review) is a similar multi-tool that also has a lock button with a 3.2-degree oscillation angle. The difference, however, is that it’s 4.9 pounds, a little on the heavier side. It also doesn’t have an LED light, so the Makita MT01R1 is still better in that department.

If you prefer a cordless multi-tool with a simple six-speed design, the Tacklife PMT03B is for you. It has a 3-degree oscillating angle, as well as a quick-release blade system that allows fast changes on the go. It also has a low noise level of 75 dB and supports other 20V MAX tool batteries with the manufacturer’s lineup.

If you prefer a fast-charging unit, then you’ll like the Skil PWRCore 12 Brushless 12V Oscillating Tool Kit, which will give you 25% of battery in only five minutes. It also has six speeds to choose from and it has various blades that are ready to use right out of the box.


Overall, the Makita MT01R1 is a great choice if you want a lightweight and dependable multi-tool for casual and weekend projects, as well as repairs around the house. Although the battery life is not intended for heavy-duty use, it has many advantages anyway, such as being easy to carry around and having a good oscillating angle for small spaces.


Reviewed Product

Makita MT01R1 12V CXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Multi-Tool Kit

A lightweight and portable cordless oscillating multi-tool. This unit has great usability and safety features.