Makita 5007MGA Review: A Circular Saw Worth Getting?

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Makita 5007MGA Review

With a combination of durability and power, the Makita 5007MGA 7-1/4-Inch Magnesium Circular Saw is a speedy yet stable tool to consider adding to your garage arsenal. Often you will find aluminum material for a circular saw’s shoe, which makes it lightweight. However, this Makita machine begs to differ with its unique build.

If you want to know more about the features, specifications, pros, and cons of this tool, read my review below, and decide for yourself.


Product Review

Makita 5007MGA 7-1/4-Inch Magnesium Circular Saw

A durable and powerful circular saw from Makita. This speedy and steady tool is equipped with an electric brake, and a hefty magnesium shoe for added stability. It’s powerful 15.0 amp motor delivers 5,800 RPM, while its large rubberized levers allow for quick and easy one-handed adjustments.


As a circular saw, the Makita 5007MGA combines durability with stability, thanks to its magnesium shoe, while the cutting speed is useful for meeting quick deadlines. Aside from that, it has a larger cutting capacity than most circular saws of its kind.


The Makita 5007MGA runs at a speed up to 5,800 RPM and has a cutting capacity of 2-1/2 inches at 90 degrees, beating most similar circular saws that are around only 2-3/8 inches. The bevel capacity of this tool is 56 degrees with positive stops at 22.5 and 45 degrees. As for the weight, it is 10.6 pounds. It has a 15-amp motor that is job-site ready while the tool length is 12-1/2 inches.


Makita offers a 1-year limited warranty for this circular saw, in which you can take it back to any of their authorized service centers for charge-free repair or replacement.

Nonetheless, to make it last longer (so you don’t have to worry about availing the warranty anyway), it has a magnesium shoe that keeps the unit stable and sturdy. There is also a blower that manages dust, so it won’t enter the inner workings of your circular saw.

Makita 5007MGA 7-1/4" Magnesium Circular Saw, with Electric Brake, Teal


One of its many convenient features to make your cutting work easier includes LED work lights. They will guide your way so each cut you make is as straight as possible, leading to less material waste and time spent. Moreover, changing the disc is also quick and easy due to the onboard blade wrench on the tool.

To help with awkward situations, the large rubberized levers allow you to adjust the tool even with just one hand. It also has an electric brake to decrease the workload on the mechanical components and so that you don’t need long pauses between each cut. The rubberized handle is ergonomically designed for long hours of work and potentially sweaty hands.

Should You Buy the Makita 5007MGA?

If stability is what you’re after and heavy-duty tasks are often on your to-do list, the Makita 5007MGA is the circular saw for you. With its fast cutting speed, large cutting depth, magnesium shoe component, and convenient features, your job site work will be a breeze.

Tasks that involve awkward positions are also made easier due to the LED light guide to deliver cuts that are as straight as possible. The large rubberized levers will help when operating the tool -even with just one hand.
If you are still unsure about the decision, go through the below list of the pros and cons of the tool.

Pros of the Makita 5007MGA

Let’s start with the pros.

It has a magnesium shoe.

Compared to other circular saws on the market, this one has a show made from magnesium, which is stronger and more durable than those made of aluminum. Although it adds to the weight, it makes the tool more stable, which is desired in a circular saw. This makes the tool more beginner-friendly and less accident-prone.

It has a fast cutting speed.

With a 5,800 RPM cutting speed, it surpasses most models and brands that are only about 5,200 RPM. This will help in terms of productivity to make faster cuts and get the job done ASAP.

There are LED cutting guide lights.

Unlike other circular saws that depend solely on marked guides, the LED cutting guide lights are helpful when it comes to handling tasks in dim or dark lighting. Having such cutting guides will help to increase the quality of your work so you don’t have to spend another minute re-cutting due to mistakes.

There is an electric brake.

An electric brake is a time-saver when it comes to power tools – circular saws included. What an electric brake does is it quickly (sometimes even instantly) stops the saw from rotating. This way, you don’t have to wait for a long time to start cutting again, allowing for repetitive cuts far quicker than with tools that don’t have an electric brake.

Cutting with the Makita 5007MGA

Cons of the Makita 5007MGA

On the other hand, while it has good points, the product has some minor drawbacks.

The tool is heavy.

At 10.6 pounds, the circular saw is a bit on the heavy side compared to similar models. However, the weight is justified in its strong magnesium shoe and the tool’s durable, sturdy build.

The blade changing tool could be better.

Although blade-changing tactics are easy due to the onboard tool, perhaps Makita could secure it further to avoid accidentally falling out of the circular saw.

What Are the Alternatives to the Makita 5007MGA?

DEWALT 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw with Electric Brake, 15-Amp (DWE575SB) If the Makita 5007MGA isn’t your cup of tea, I also have a couple of other options that I would suggest.

For instance, this Metabo circular saw is a similar 15-amp tool that also has a dust blower to keep your workplace clean (and your motor safe). It has one-handed adjustment controls just like the Makita pick mentioned above. The difference with this model is that it has a higher speed of 6,000 RPM and that the cutting capacity is slightly lower, at just 2-7/16.

A similar tool with an electric brake feature is the DeWalt 575SB. This one is also a 15-amp workhorse, although it is much lighter in weight at only 8.8 pounds. Also sporting a dust blower, and an ergonomic design, this one is more suited for medium-duty work since it has just 5,200 RPM no-load speed, but yet it has a bigger cutting capacity of 2-9/16 inches.

If you want a similar tool with a light guide, the Skil 5280-01 (read my review) has a laser to help keep cuts as straight as possible. The speed is 5,300 RPM and it is lightweight at only 6.95 pounds. Blade change is easy as well with this tool due to the spindle lock. As for the depth of cut, it falls short, just slightly, at 2-3/8 inches.

Finally, make sure to also check my list of the best circular saws for beginners.


All in all, the Makita 5007MGA is a decent tool for job site tasks that require a lot of speed and stability. With its magnesium shoe and convenient features, you will finish any job in no time while also keeping in mind quality to avoid wasting material.

I hope this review helped you in deciding on the tool!

Before committing to this one, though, make sure to also check my comparison of the four most popular Makita 5007 Series circular saws including this one.


Product Review

Makita 5007MGA 7-1/4-Inch Magnesium Circular Saw

A durable and powerful circular saw from Makita. This speedy and steady tool is equipped with an electric brake, and a hefty magnesium shoe for added stability. It’s powerful 15.0 amp motor delivers 5,800 RPM, while its large rubberized levers allow for quick and easy one-handed adjustments.