Makita 9005B Review: An Angle Grinder Worth Getting?

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Makita 9005B Review

Offering larger capacity than the common 4-1/2-inch grinders, the 5-inch Makita 9005B may catch your eye if you are looking to work on bigger projects. After all, it is a corded tool with unlimited runtime, which is ideal for heavier-duty tasks.

If you are trying to decide on whether this tool is what you’re looking for, you should find the review below useful.


Reviewed Product

Makita 9005B 5-Inch Angle Grinder

A powerful corded angle grinder with an impressive 12,000 RPM and a 5-inch grinding wheel. Built to tackle the toughest jobs, its light weight and adjustable side handle allows comfortable, long-lasting run time.


This corded angle grinder has a bigger size compared to similar ones in the market, making it more advisable for heavy-duty work. This grinder is particularly great for busy shops and welders. However, it can also be suited for DIY home projects.


This grinder boasts a 5-inch wheel diameter, compared to common angle grinders which are around just 4 1/2 inches, plus it has a no-load speed of 12,000 RPM. This means it is ideal for heavy-duty work (being a corded grinder adds to that too).

With a 5/8-inch 11 UNC spindle, it weighs 6.6 pounds and it measures 14 inches in length. For adjusting the 5-inch wheel guard, it comes with accessories such as the lock nut and the wrench. Extras you might need are also included, such as the inner flange and spindle washer.


Makita grants this tool with a 1-year warranty for defects in workmanship or material. You can also opt in for their 30-day satisfaction guarantee program in case the tool doesn’t meet your standards.

To further preserve durability, it has double-insulated construction which protects its inner workings, such as the motor. This is important for any tool that generates debris because this can irritate the motor inside. Moreover, the ball-bearing construction adds to the tool’s longevity.


Using this grinder is a breeze because of the easy switch between AC and DC for your power source choice and needs. You can also attach the side handle to either side, which caters to those who are left-handed or are in a tight spot when working with their grinder.

Additionally, there is a convenient lock-on switch to avoid accidentally stopping the tool while you are operating it. There’s a spindle lock to make changing the grinding disc easy and safe as well. This would be helpful if you are in a hurry trying to switch between grinding discs that are meant for different types of materials.

Should You Buy the Makita 9005B?

This angle grinder may be what you’re looking for if you need a lot of power (with its 12,000 RPM) for really stubborn materials or even industrial-level work. The lock-on switch and the spindle lock also helps simplify your everyday tasks on the job-site or fabrication shop. You may also like this if you are left-handed or if you just want a flexible handle.

If you are still unsure about your decision, go through the below list of the pros and cons of the tool.

Pros of the Product

Let’s start with the positives.

It has a bigger wheel size than most angle grinders.

With a 5-inch grinding wheel, it is more accommodating to bigger jobs, where a 4 1/2-inch wheel wouldn’t cut it. A larger grinding wheel also speeds up the task, especially if purchasing it for a fabrication shop or industrial use.

Moreover, in terms of durability, a 5-inch grinding wheel outweighs the regular 4-1/2-inch wheels due to their size. This makes them more ideal to be used for heavy-duty work where labor-intensive tasks can often go non-stop. It can save you money in the long run rather than buying smaller angle grinders.

It has a lock-on switch.

Have you ever been annoyed when accidentally triggering the power switch? This often happens due to the unfavorable design of common cheaper angle grinders (or similar tools, for that matter). A lock-on feature on the Makita 9005B helps save the frustration, so you can focus more on the task and less on the tool.

You can place the handle on either side of the tool.

Whether you’re left-handed or right-handed, there’s a configuration for you – the handle is flexible to match your comfort needs. This is also helpful if you must work in a tight spot.

Another advantage of this feature is to give both of your arms a rest after long hours of jarring vibration, and lessen fatigue so you can get the job done.

It has a high grinding speed.

Not many angle grinders in the market have 12,000 RPM, so you may be drawn to this tool’s additional power and high grinding speed. This can be useful for stubborn materials or if you need to meet deadlines industry-wise or if you own a shop.

Cons of the Product

On the other hand, while it has good points, the product has some minor drawbacks.

It is only single-speed.

Even though it has 12,000 RPM, it is not a variable-speed tool, so it may only be best for labor-intensive or tough work. There might be overkill for simple DIY jobs at home or for delicate tasks and materials that could break easily at high angle grinding speeds.

Unless you also want to use the angle grinder for polishing jobs, this might not be unfavorable for you, since variable-speed tends to only be useful if you don’t want to burn or damage the material that you’re working on.

The tool is a little on the heavy side.

This angle grinder weighs 6.6 pounds – not exactly lightweight if you’ve previously owned or used a 4-pound angle grinder before. However, the heavier weight is a given due to the larger diameter for its angle grinding disc.

What Are the Alternatives?

If you want to compare with other models and brands, the Makita 9005B is not the only 5-inch angle grinder in the market with such specs. There’s the Makita 9565CV 5-inch SJS High-Power Angle Grinder, which uses Super Joint System to lessen wheel binding damage. This Makita model has a more powerful 12-amp motor (compared to that of the Makita 9005B, which only has 9 amps). It is also slightly lighter at only 5.2 pounds.

You can also try the DeWalt DW831 which is powered by a 12-amp motor as well. The difference with the 9005B from Makita is that the DeWalt one is only at 10,000 RPM so it has a slightly lower speed. Nonetheless, it also has an adjustable guard for convenience and safety.

Another similar 5-inch angle grinder is the Bosch GWS13-50VSP-DG, which delivers up to 11,500 RPM (and has variable-speed compared to the single-speed Makita 9005B). It also has a dust guard and a 13-amp motor.

Finally, if you can’t find one you like above, make sure to check my complete guide to the best angle grinders.


Overall, the Makita 9005B 5-Inch angle grinder is worth your time and budget if you intend to use it for more than just DIY projects at home, such as if you own a fabrication or welding shop to work on projects, especially with its 12,000-RPM speed.

Since it has a 5-inch wheel diameter, you can work with projects much faster than with a 4 1/2-inch disc. This Makita model is built for the most jarring tasks and for those who need unlimited runtime that a corded power tool can provide.


Reviewed Product

Makita 9005B 5-Inch Angle Grinder

A powerful corded angle grinder with an impressive 12,000 RPM and a 5-inch grinding wheel. Built to tackle the toughest jobs, its light weight and adjustable side handle allows comfortable, long-lasting run time.