Makita HR4013C Review: An SDS Max Hammer Worth Getting?

Makita HR4013C Review

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When we talk about power tools, Makita’s range of products is worth mentioning. And with that, if you’re looking for a quality rotary hammer for your next project, the Makita HR4013C 1-9/16-Inch AVT is a powerful contender for most on-site and labor-intensive tasks.

Read on to find out more about this product as we list its features, pros, and cons. Towards the end, you will also learn whether or not this tool is the right one for you and, if not, what alternatives you have.


Reviewed Product

Makita HR4013C 1-9/16-Inch AVT Rotary Hammer

A corded SDS Max rotary hammer that does not disappoint when it comes to heavy-duty work.


This rotary hammer’s most prominent feature is its AVT or anti-vibration technology, which is helpful if user fatigue is often your concern when handling concrete or masonry tasks for hours.

It is also optimal for heavy-duty work thanks to its powerful motor.


The Makita HR4013C’s  11-amp motor has up to 8.4 foot-pounds of impact energy. Weighing just over fifteen pounds, it sports a maximum concrete drilling capacity of 1-9/16 inch.

Since it is capable of variable speed, you can switch between 1,450 and 2,900 BPM modes (with a no-load speed of 250 to 500 RPM). As with most powerhouse rotary hammers, it is corded and comes with a 15-foot-long line.


Makita always delivers the best quality for its customers. All Makita products are bound by a one-year limited warranty. They’ll repair your tool free of charge once proven that the tool had defects in workmanship or material.

Aside from the warranty policy, what you might find useful is the LED service light. This helps you easily identify when something may be wrong with the tool, so you can take it to the nearest service center.


As mentioned above, the AVT, or anti-vibration technology, helps reduce user fatigue when you’re working on very difficult tasks for long periods of time.

Another great feature of this model is the soft-start function to improve user control, as well as the constant speed powered by the electronic controller even under heavy loads.

Makita Makita HR4013C in Use

Should You Buy the Makita HR4013C?

For jobs that require a lot of power (e.g. hard clay soil and trenching), you’ll definitely like the Makita HR4013C and its 11-amp motor. Furthermore, its anti-vibration technology helps a lot when it comes to tough material and leaves you feeling less tired afterward.

If you are still unsure, go through the list of pros and cons below to help with your decision.

Pros of the Product

Let’s start with the positives.

It’s comfortable to hold.

As mentioned earlier, using this hammer drill’s anti-vibration technology (AVT), you’ll experience fewer vibrations when you handle the tool. Of course, it doesn’t mean that all the vibration is gone, but it will make it more comfortable to handle than your standard rotary hammer. This would be a big plus for beginners (or seniors) who aren’t so comfortable with long hours of demolition jobs.

It has a soft start feature.

Soft start feature gives you control over the current and the load so that it will become constant throughout the different speeds that you select. This helps reduce wear and tear on the motor, which in turn, increases the lifespan of your tool.

The chisel-only mode has convenient features.

You can select the chisel-only mode using a push-button mechanism or a trigger. Additionally, you can also lock it in place for a no-hassle job. Also, it’s worth noting that the chisel-only mode isn’t that jarring in terms of noise as compared with other similar rotary hammers.

It has variable speed.

What’s worth noting is that the variable speed allows you to work with different materials. For instance, if you want to demolish something but you don’t want to avoid cracking, then using a slower speed with your rotary hammer can help. Not all rotary hammers have this variable speed feature.

Makita Makita HR4013C with Handle Attached

Cons of the Product

On the other hand, while it has good points, the product has some minor drawbacks.

It’s a bit heavy.

The tool weighs 15.1 pounds, but it should be noted that the majority of the heavy-duty and standard-sized rotary hammers out there weigh about the same. However, if you are a beginner or one who prefers lightweight tools, this might be on the heavier side for you.

Without proper ventilation, you may sense a factory-like smell.

You might notice a chemical smell at first when you take it out of the box. Although this can be off-putting for some users, it can dissipate eventually if you put it in a place with proper ventilation. This might be a concern if you’re sensitive to chemical smells.

What Are the Alternatives?

Bosch 11264EVS: An Alternative to the Makita HR4013C If you want an SDS Max rotary hammer similar to the Makita HR4013C, you can check out the Makita HR4002, whose motor is only one amp short (10 amps) of the drill reviewed here. It’s also worth noting that this alternative model is a single-speed unit delivering 2,500 BPM. That makes it suitable for more for general applications.

You can also try the Bosch 11264EVS if you want that variable speed function, although this one has a slightly bigger drilling capacity. It also has a similar vibration control mechanism similar to the Makita HR4013C.

If you want an even bigger drilling capacity, the Bosch RH745 might be worth considering. It offers variable speed and is equipped with dust protection features.

Finally, make sure to also read our guide to the best SDS Max rotary hammers.


Overall, the Makita HR4013C is a great choice if you’re looking for a rotary hammer with soft vibration, especially if user fatigue is your biggest concern.

Because Makita is a well-known tool brand, they are reliable when it comes to warranty policies and unit care. So you might want to try this rotary hammer if you’ve gone through cheaper hammers that didn’t live to your expectations in terms of power.

Nonetheless, if you don’t have the funds for this SDS Max rotary hammer because of its slightly higher-than-usual price range, feel free to check out the other rotary hammers mentioned above in the alternatives, since they tend to be on the budget-friendlier side.

Reviewed Product

Makita HR4013C 1-9/16-Inch AVT Rotary Hammer

A corded SDS Max rotary hammer that does not disappoint when it comes to heavy-duty work.