11 Marine Grade Plywood Uses

Marine Grade Plywood Uses

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Marine plywood is a very special type of plywood, a high-quality one made with great hardwood veneers. It is designed to be strong and waterproof. That said, you might not know what it is used for.

Let’s get to it and talk about all of the different things that you might want to use marine plywood for.

1. Docks and Piers

One of the most common uses for marine plywood is for the construction of wharves, docks, piers, and anything else of the sort. Docks and piers are always surrounded by water, with large sections of them often being submerged in water 100% of the time, The rest of them is, in spite of not being submerged all the time, constantly being exposed to splashing waves and high moisture levels. Marine plywood is a great type of engineered wood that is not going to crumble, rot, or decay due to moisture.

2. Floating Docks

Related to the above point, marine plywood can also be used to make the floors or surfaces of small floating docks, such as those that you would put out in the middle of a lake to swim out to and hang out on. If you build your kids a floating dock or platform out of marine plywood, it will last for years to come. There is also the fact that it is structurally sound enough to allow you to mount things like diving boards and small water slides onto it.

3. Boats

Yet another one of the most common uses of marine plywood is in the construction of boats. The simple fact is that plywood is a great material to use for boat building, at least marine plywood, because it is of course waterproof, something that probably comes in handy when it comes to a vehicle that is always floating in the water. Marine plywood is also flexible and can be bent, thus making it ideal for building the hulls of ships, not to mention that it holds in fasteners very well, and is quite durable overall. Yes, marine plywood does require some extra treatment when being used for boats, but that is about it.

4. Boathouses

Yes, docks, piers, and boats are always in the water, but what about the structure that you keep your boat in overnight or over the colder months? Yes, chances are that if you have a boat, you probably have a boathouse too, and yes, this should also be built out of marine plywood. Boathouses are generally built right over the water, so that boats can drive right into them, not unlike a garage for your car. Seeing as a boathouse is built on the water, it is crucial that the materials used are waterproof and can resist rotting and decay.

5. Decks and Porches

Ok, so now we have covered all of the things that are always on or directly beside the water, but these are not the only common uses of marine plywood. This is an ideal type of plywood to use for any structure that is going to be constantly or often exposed to moisture, and yes, the decks and porches around your home definitely quality unless you live in Arizona or other similar places. These are outdoor structures that can get rained or snowed on, so they better be waterproof, or at least super water-resistant. If you use the right grade of marine plywood, you can actually make it all look very nice too.

6. Kitchens

One of the areas of your home that will often get wet is the kitchen. You spill water in the kitchen, the dogs come running through soaking wet, and you have to mop that floor too. For this reason, marine grade plywood is often used to underlay other flooring materials, whether hardwood, tile, stone, or anything in between. It’s very strong, it can bear a lot of weight, and it can handle moisture just fine, thus making it ideal for a high-traffic kitchen floor (at least for the subfloor). On a side note, if you want high-quality cabinets that are moisture-resistant, marine plywood is a great option as well.

7. Bathrooms

The area in your home that sees the most moisture is generally going to be the bathroom, which is why many professionals opt for marine grade plywood for bathroom subfloors, walls, and other structures located within a bathroom. When you shower, all of that steam and water, if the wood used in the construction of your bathroom is not good enough, will soak the wood and end up causing major problems. Bathrooms need to be built with materials that can easily deal with moisture.

8. Garages and Barns

Due to the high level of durability, the ease of which plywood can hold screws, and because marine plywood is waterproof, it is often used in the construction of various structures such as barns, garages, and more. It’s a great material to use for large structures, particularly because it often comes in huge sheets.

9. Sheds

Although some people may not be willing to shell out the big bucks for top-notch marine plywood that will bring a shed to the next level, it is a possibility. If you build a shed out of marine plywood, and you build it right, it should last for decades to come.

10. Roofing

Although marine plywood is not used for roofing as often as some other types of plywood, it is used sometimes, particularly in areas where there is plenty of humidity and moisture, such as beside a lake or ocean. A good base of marine plywood on your roof will keep moisture out, not to mention that it is durable, and it can easily hold onto shingles too.

11. …And Much More

The simple reality is that you can use marine plywood for virtually any application where you need to build with wood, but it also needs to be water-resistant or even waterproof, which could include birdhouses, skateboard ramps, concert venues, and more.


Now that you know what marine plywood is used for, you can make an informed choice about it. If you plan on building any kind of structure that needs to be strong and waterproof, then marine plywood is a top choice to keep in mind. For more inspiration, you might also want to check other common uses of plywood in general.