Metabo HPT vs. Milwaukee: Which of the Two Brands Is Better?

Metabo HPT vs. Milwaukee: Which of the Two Brands Is Better?

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When it comes to choosing the right brand for all of your power tool needs, there is a lot that needs to be considered. You need to think about quality, warranties, product selection, and more.

In terms of popular brands, two that are popular in the world of power tools include Metabo HPT and Milwaukee. The question, though, is – which of these two is better? Continue reading to get a better idea.

A Brief History of Metabo HPT & Milwaukee

Metabo HPT is a long-lasting company that was founded all the way back in 1924 by Albrecht Schnizler and Julius Closs, who together founded Schnizler GmbH and by 1932 was renamed Metabowerke Closs, Rauch & Schnizler KG.

Schnizler built his first hand drill in 1923, made 50,000 units, and quickly sold most of them. Metabo actually came very close to extinction during WWII, as 75% of their facilities were destroyed.

In 2016, Metabo was bought by the Hitachi Group and in 2017, Metabo was acquired by HK Holdings Co. Currently, this company is headquartered in Nurtingen, Germany, with roughly 2,000 employees worldwide. Over half of those employees are located in Germany.


Long Story Short…

Metabo HPT

Formerly a part of the Hitachi group, Metabo HPT is a brand offering a wide selection of tools. It is especially known for its nailers, angle grinders, and miter saws.


What is interesting to note is that just like Metabo, Milwaukee was also founded in 1924, the exact same year. At first, the company was founded by A.H. Peterson and Albert Siebert, who together created the A.H. Peterson Tool Company which later changed its name to The Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation.

Also, just like Metabo, albeit a bit earlier, in the 1920s, their production facility was destroyed in a fire.

At this time, Milwaukee is owned by Techtronic Industries, which acquired it in 2005, and also happens to own other popular brand names such as Hoover, Dirt Devil, and Ryobi. Comparatively, Milwaukee may actually be the smaller company, as it does have fewer employees, somewhere around 1,500 at the current time.


Long Story Short…


An American brand started in 1918. Used by many professionals who are looking for good quality tools with a solid warranty.


Metabo HPT vs Milwaukee: Which Offers Better Quality?

Of course, if you are going to spend money on a range of power tools, you want to know that you are buying quality tools that will last for years to come. By all accounts, Metabo HPT does manufacture high-quality tools. In terms of manufacturing location, all Metabo HPT tools are made in either Germany or China, with the German-made tools being generally the superior of the two.

In terms of what the general population has to say, Metabo HPT is regarded as a really high-quality brand, one that supplies professional tools for industries.

All that said, these tools are at a level of quality that tradesmen and professionals need to keep working for years on end. In fact, when it comes to tools such as angle grinders, Metabo HPT is regarded as one of the best, if not the very best manufacturer in the world. The bottom line is that Metabo tools are very good and well-worth their price.

Metabo HPT Drill

In terms of Milwaukee, something we can say is that their tools tend to be less expensive, which may be saying something. Now, the general consensus is that Milwaukee tools are fairly good, especially if you buy the right ones. However, Milwaukee tools are generally seen as being best for more basic use and for lighter professional use, whereas Metabo really does cater to the high professional market with its high cost but even higher-quality tools.

While Milwaukee still makes a portion of its tools in the USA, it makes the vast majority of them overseas. Some are made in Europe, but many of their newer cordless drills and saws are made in China. They are not seen as bad tools, but they probably don’t stack up to Metabo HPT quality.

Milwaukee Jigsaw

Which Offers the Better Warranty?

One thing you always want with power tools is a good warranty, so who provides the better warranties on their tools?

Both of the companies offer similar warranties on their products.

Milwaukee’s limited warranties last between two to five years depending on the product. Some even last a lifetime. In general, though, they are on the lower end of the range.

Metabo HPT’s products come in the same time durations. However, according to some users, the company tends to be more accepting of a variety of different claims compared to Milwaukee.

Metabo HPT vs Milwaukee: Which Has a Better Product Portfolio?

When it comes to normal power tools, things like drills, drivers, grinders, and other such things, both of these brands are fairly close together in terms of their product portfolio. Through our research, what we can say is that Milwaukee seems to have an ever so slightly larger selection across the board, but not by much at all.

One place where Milwaukee shines considerably compared to Metabo HPT is in the outdoor tool department. They appear to have a larger selection of outdoor chainsaws, hedge trimmers, and other such things.

Milwaukee Tool Portfolio

Which Brand Offers a Better Selection of Drills?

What is notable here is that in terms of drills, both corded and corded, both Metabo HPT and Milwaukee are fairly even.

Which Brand Offers a Better Selection of Grinders?

Just like with the drills, both Metabo HPT and Milwaukee have great selections, but Metabo has just a couple more.

Which of the Two Brands Should You Choose?

In terms of choosing a specific brand here, we would say that if you need professional quality tools with great warranties and a big selection, and you are willing to pay the price, then you should go with Metabo.

However, if you need tools that are decent in quality and you don’t want to spend a fortune on them, then Milwaukee is the brand to go with. Remember that Milwaukee is also a better brand for outdoor power equipment.

Metabo HPT Grinder


At the end of the day, both Metabo HPT and Milwaukee are great brands to go with. Milwaukee is great for your average Joe, while Metabo seems to be the better brand for professional trades.

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