Milwaukee Review: Is It a Good Tool Brand?

Milwaukee Review: Is It a Good Tool Brand?

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If you are planning to buy some new tools, whether for personal or professional use, you probably want to stick with reputable brands. With the right brand, you can find high-quality tools with good warranties and decent prices.

Today, we are here to take a closer look at one very popular tool brand, Milwaukee. Let’s dive in to see if this is a brand that you might be interested in.


Long Story Short…


An American brand started in 1918. Used by many professionals who are looking for good quality tools with a solid warranty.


Milwaukee is an American tool company that is currently headquartered in Brookfield, Wisconsin, USA, and it is officially known as the Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation. This company focuses very heavily on the production of power tools, although it does produce a wide variety of products.

The Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation was first started in 1923 by two men named A.H. Peterson and Albert Siebert, and thus, it is quite an old brand, being almost 100 years old at this point.

At some point shortly after the founding of the company, in 1924, a large fire destroyed the production facility, at which point Peterson left the company, and Siebert scooped up the remainder of the company’s shares. Siebert is the one who officially changed the name to the Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation.

What does need to be noted is that Milwaukee does not own itself, but rather is owned by a giant Chinese parent company known as Techtronic Industries, the same company that also owns other large brands such as AEG, Ryobi, Hoover, Dirt Devil, and more.

What is equally as interesting is that Milwaukee tools were originally designed to meet the needs and standards of the US Navy, and to this day, many of the tools used by the US Navy are from the Milwaukee brand. Milwaukee is a very large company, and at this time it has estimated annual revenues of roughly 4 billion dollars, with an estimated 4,000 employees worldwide.

Milwaukee Circular Saw

Milwaukee Tool Quality Overview

What can be said about Milwaukee tools is that they are generally regarded as being some of the best in the world. Now, this brand may not qualify as producing the number one best power tools and other tools in the world, but we would say that it comes pretty close.

There are other tool brands out there that feature products which score a bit higher in terms of overall durability and longevity, but other than that, people seem to be very happy with Milwaukee tools, particularly how comfortable and functional they are, and yes, they are still decently tough too.

What people really seem to like about Milwaukee tools is that although they are generally very high in quality, they don’t actually cost all that much. There are other tools brands out there that make tools of comparable quality, but at much higher prices. Specifically, people seem to be quite happy with the variety of both cordless and corded tools that Milwaukee offers.

When it comes to who these tools are best for, most would agree that Milwaukee is definitely a top notch brand to go with if you are DIY enthusiast, a homeowner, or you just need some tools for occasional repairs. Most would also agree that these tools are good enough for lighter professional use. That said, most would also agree that some Milwaukee tools may not be quite durable enough to be used for really heavy duty, professional, and constant use.

Milwaukee Hammer Drill


Seeing as we know that Milwaukee is owned by Techtronic Industries, it is safe to assume that Milwaukee products are for the most part made in China, and yes, this is true. That being said, what people can agree on is that although these products are made in China, they are some of the best tools to come out of Chinese factories.

Moreover, Milwaukee does have some production facilities in Europe, as well in the USA, in Wisconsin and Mississippi to be exact. What is nice is that as it seems, Milwaukee is gearing up to move a good deal of its production back to the USA.

In fact, in the past ten years, the company has invested over 47 million USD into the building and outfitting of three USA production plants, specifically in Greenwood, MS, Jackson, MS, and Mukwonago, WI.


Something that you might really like about Milwaukee is that it does offer rather outstanding warranties on its tools and other products. Exactly which warranty you get does depend on the exact tool. However, all tools feature limited 1, 2, 3, or 5 year warranties, money back guarantees for 30 days on most tools, as well as limited and lifetime warranties on other tools.

Milwaukee Product Portfolio Overview

What needs to be said about Milwaukee is that this brand has quite an extensive product portfolio. This brand manufactures all sorts of corded and cordless power tools, outdoor lawn and garden equipment, apparel, hand tools, and more. Let’s take a look at some of Milwaukee’s most popular product lineups and categories.

Cordless Tools

One of Milwaukee’s leading tools lineups is the MX FUEL lineup. This is a special cordless tool lineup that uses either the M12 or M18 batteries. Just like with many other brands, these batteries can be used for a wide variety of tools. A single battery is compatible with literally dozens of power tools and garden tools, thus making life convenient. Milwaukee does also produce other cordless tools, but this MX FUEL system is definitely the most popular.

Milwaukee Cordless Tools

Corded Tools

Milwaukee Corded ToolsWhat is nice about Milwaukee is that it is not one of these brands that think that people now only want cordless tools.

Across most categories, whether drills, saws, sanders, or anything else, Milwaukee offers quite a wide selection of corded tools, both for personal and professional use.


Hand Tools

Milwaukee is well known for producing a wide variety of hand tools. This includes mechanic’s set, hammers, prying tools, screwdrivers, cutting tools, measuring equipment, and much more.

Outdoor Equipment

Milwaukee doesn’t produce just hand tools and power tools. This brand also produces a wide variety of outdoor power equipment. With dozens of string trimmers, weed whackers, lawn mowers, leaf blowers, sprayers, and more, Milwaukee should have everything you need to maintain your property.

Other Products

Milwaukee as a brand focuses on much more than just tools, as it also produces a variety of tool storage options, such as tool boxes, cabinets, chests, and more. This brand also sells a whole lot of jobsite apparel and clothing, safety equipment, and jobsite lighting too.

Is Milwaukee a Good Brand?

Overall, we would say that Milwaukee is definitely a good tool brand. In terms of quality, although it may not be the number one brand in the world, it can surely contend with the top competitors, not to mention that this brand has great warranties, and its products come in at reasonable prices.

Overall, if you are a professional doing light work, or a homeowner or DIY enthusiast doing some projects and repairs around the house, we personally would feel confident investing our money in Milwaukee products. With a lot of Milwaukee’s production moving back to the USA, we are excited to see what the future holds.

Milwaukee Angle Grinder

How Does Milwaukee Compare with Other Brands?

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If you are on the hunt for hand tools, cordless tools, corded tools, and outdoor power equipment, Milwaukee is absolutely a good brand to check out. It’s not overly pricey, the tools are of good quality, and if anything goes wrong with them, they should be covered by a fairly comprehensive warranty.