25 Oscillating Multi-Tool Uses to Remember

Oscillating Multi-Tool Uses to Remember

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One of the most versatile power tools you can find on the market today, the oscillating multi-tool is becoming a must-have for DIYers. There are all kinds of jobs this tool can tackle. All that you need is to use the right interchangeable attachment.

From here on, this guide will briefly go through some of the many tasks professionals and beginning DIYers use this tool for.

#1: Removing Rust From Metal

Rust is something that will always be a problem for those working with it. However, most oscillating multi-tools have some kind of sanding pad that can make it easy to buff out this rust and make the metal shine like new.

#2: Undercutting Doorjambs

More times than not, doorjambs will occur after you install some new flooring. The oscillating multi-tool that has the right wood cutting blade will make sure doorjambs won’t happen. They can also fix up a doorjamb that’s already causing a problem without damaging any flooring around it.

This task once required a dangerous and expensive circular saw that can perform flush cuts or simply biting the bullet and doing it by hand. The oscillating multi-tool performs this task just as well and much more efficiently.

#3: Cutting Cement Backer Board

Cement backer boards can be cut in many different ways but not many are as precise and clean as the oscillating multi-tool. Oddly shaped cuts can be done very easily due to its design and handling.

The oscillating multi-tool is perfect for this task because it’s lightweight and can get it done without any crazy effort from the user like when using a larger power tool for the job.

#4: Modifying and Installing Cabinets

If you need to modify an existing cabinet or even install a completely new one, the oscillating multi-tool is a great choice for the job.

It can perform all kinds of off-axis cutting that makes it the perfect power tool for speedy modification and installation for all sorts of cabinets.

#5: Removing Tile Grout

You can find blades that can be attached to the oscillating multi-tool that are designed for grout removal, which makes this a superb tool for these jobs. The fact that this oscillates rather than spins, helps maintain a clean working environment.

You could want to replace and cut out the grout in your bathroom just to keep it fresh, or you might have a huge bathroom repair or remodeling project like replacing your shower valve. The oscillating multi-tool has a carbide-grit attachment that can cut both grout and tile too if need be.

#6: Pipe Cutting

Oscillating multi-tools have a great ability to cut awkward angles in close quarters, so they are very well suited for pipe cutting. No matter if it is metal, copper, or plastic pipe, having the correct attachment can make short work of the task.

#7: Installing of Flooring Planks

This tool is perfect if you need to make plunge cuts into hardwood flooring.

Of course, there is a plunge-cutting blade attachment that is perfect for the job and can cut any section you need precisely and cleanly.

#8: Repairing Windows

There are many ways the oscillating multi-tool can refurbish your windows. This tool can improve old windows through sanding the edges, secure weather tightness by stripping, and improve their functionality through cutting.

The oscillating multi-tool grinding, sawing, and sanding attachments can be used for these tasks and you only need to buy one tool for the job.

#9: Removing Sealant and Caulk

For those that use caulk around their toilet, they will sometimes find there is a bit extra that sticks to the floor and can look a little gross if there is too much of it or it gets too clumpy.

The scraper blade attachment on the oscillating multi-tool is ideal for making easy work out of removing any excess sealant or caulk from your bathroom tiles. Be sure to use this carefully though, as it can break your bathroom tiles as well.

#10: Making Drywall Cutouts

This tool’s ability to make plunge cuts makes it ideal for cutting openings into drywall for things such as light fittings or power outlets. It is easy to make accurate cuts with and, if needed, you can sand the edges to make sure everything fits perfectly.

I wrote in detail about how to cut drywall using an oscillating tool here.

#11: Scraping Off Old Paint

Even those that don’t consider themselves DIYers at all will likely undertake a painting project at some point. One of the most important steps in preparing for this is easily completed by using a steel scraper blade attachment.

Use this to scrape off paint and then follow up by using a sanding pad to obtain the perfect amount of smoothness you’re looking for.

#12: Getting Rid of Floor Adhesives

Adhesives of any kind can be rather difficult to remove but fortunately, the oscillating multi-tool can make this time-consuming and sometimes frustrating task into a simple and quick one.

Simply slide a scraper blade attachment underneath the adhesive and you’ll find that it comes off a lot easier than you’d expect.

Removing Flooring with Oscillating Multi-Tool

#13: Tearing Up Old Carpet

Usually, when you remove older carpet, there will be one large sheet that’s near impossible to uproot from your room.

However, the oscillating multi-tool allows you to easily switch to the cutting attachment so you can pull up your carpet into mostly transferable pieces.

#14: Getting Rid of Ceramic Tiles

When you’re trying to redecorate or just simply have to get rid of an old tile, the oscillating multi-tool offers everything necessary to complete this task handily.

Use one of the scraper blades to get under the tiles and what is normally a tedious and long task becomes straight-forward using this tool.

#15: Sanding Surfaces

This tool is especially useful on awkward surfaces and objects that require sanding. Things that have narrow, long corners and edges can be difficult to sand using other tools such as sanders.

The simple design and use of a triangle-shaped sanding pad make the oscillating multi-tool an ideal solution to sanding these normally difficult surfaces to work around.

Sanding with an Oscillating Multi-Tool

#16: Cutting Screws and Nails

All you need to do for this task is affix a metal cutting blade so you can get rid of any unwanted screws, nails, or other unneeded metal objects cluttering up your workspace.

Keep in mind doing this task can create lots of heat, so you should add some lubricant on the blade that will reduce friction and be used as your coolant.

#17: Restoring Old Furniture

Because of its versatility, an oscillating multi-tool is a perfect choice for restoring aged furniture. You can remove damaged sections and not mess up their surrounding area. Also, you have the ability to sand its surfaces to breathe restored life into your furniture and make the wood shine.

#18: Scraping Away Concrete

Oscillating multi-tools are even useful at doing a job even after it is completed. For this task, use a metal scraper attachment to scrape away any excess concrete after finishing putting down a sidewalk or other tasks that involve concrete.

This tool is also used to clean up messes from worksites that drop concrete mix and other dried materials, so the surrounding areas can look as good as they were before any work was done.

#19: Removing Trim

Simply by sliding the oscillating multi-tool behind your trim with a sheet of metal, you can keep the wall from damaging and remove trim easily.

Gently move this tool to look into nails behind your trim and make a clean, vertical cut so you can remove certain sections. Your trim will be gone cleanly and quickly and you will only need this one tool!

#20: Making Plunge Cuts into Countertops

Doing various home improvement tasks like cutting through existing or even brand new countertops is possible with the oscillating multi-tool. As said before, there is an attachment that this tool has that is perfect for making plunge cuts.

It may not look like it, but this tool has plenty enough power to make it through countertops. At worst, you can always flip the material over and cut from both sides.

#21: Removing Thin-Set Mortar

It doesn’t matter if you’re applying fresh tiles or renewing older ones, the oscillating multi-tool makes this process easy. Use the grinder pad attachment and you can remove thin-set mortar and tidy up its surface so you can reapply a new layer.

#22: Getting Through Stubborn Nuts

Sometimes, your muscles simply aren’t enough to get rid of stubborn nuts, particularly when they’re starting to rust. Not to mention, they often are placed where saws won’t be able to reach.

Attaching a metal cutting blade that angles against a nut can make a very difficult situation to figure out into a quick and simple job.

#23: Managing Desk Wires

I’m sure we’ve all seen the mess that wires can make and while it isn’t a problem to some, others need this space much more organized.

Adding a jab saw blade attachment can ensure accurate circular plunge cuts precisely where you can feed your large mess of cables through to create a much more organized workspace.

Cutting Wood with an Oscillating Multi-Tool

#24: Resizing Golf Clubs

It can cost you all kinds of money to pay a professional to shorten golf clubs for you. However, all you need is a blade that can cut through these graphite club shafts and the oscillating multi-tool has exactly that.

Afterward, you can put on your sanding attachment to sand down the metal and you will have saved both time and a ton of extra cash fixing up your clubs with this tool.

#25: Removing a Toilet

Most toilets are caulked and bolted to your bathroom floor. You can save some time removing your toilet by slicing through old bolts instead of attempting to unscrew these bolts.

As for caulk, just look up to use #9 and you will find what you need to know about using this tool to remove caulk as well.


These uses listed above only scratch the surface of the many tasks that the oscillating multi-tool can do.

Hopefully, you now have plenty of reasons to add this versatile tool to your collection to complete your DIY projects easily! If you need help with picking the best model, check my oscillating multi-tool recommendations.