How Much Does Particle Board Cost?

How Much Does Particle Board Cost?

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If you are planning on making some shelves, cabinets, or other furniture around your home, then particle board is always a go-to material to consider. One of the reasons for this is that particle board tends to be quite cost-effective. That said, how much does particle board cost? Today, we want to figure out not only how much particle board costs, but also what factors affect its cost.

What Factors Affect Particle Board Cost?

Particle board is one of the more cost-effective building materials out there, but there will be differences in price based on a variety of factors. Let’s take a closer look at the factors that will determine how much money you spend on particle board.

1. Type of Particle Board

One of the most important factors to consider here is the type of particle board in question, with the most basic and affordable type being single-layer particle board. Slightly thicker and more waterproof, we then have three-layer particle board. There are also other types of particle board to consider, more specialized types, including graded-density particle board, melamine particle board, cement-bonded particle board, veneered particle board, and laminated particle board. Both veneered and laminated particle board are two of the most expensive kinds out there.

2. Size of the Board

Another factor that plays a role here is how large the particle board is. The most common size of particle board is 4’ x 8’, but it does also come in other sizes, both smaller and larger, with larger ones costing more. Of course, the more material you are buying, the more it is going to cost. On that note, in terms of thickness, particle board is usually between ½” to 1” thick, and once again, the thicker the board in question is, the more it is going to cost.

3. Manufacturing Quality

The next factor that influences the cost of particle board is how well made it is in the first place. High-quality particle board is going to be made in large facilities and will use high-quality hardwood chips and shavings, as well as high-quality resins and adhesives. Not all particle board is made the same, so make sure that you purchase some that is made with quality material. This does also have to do with the type of particle board in question, as laminated particle board is much higher in quality than single-layer particle board, and will therefore also cost more.

4. The Brand

Something else that can make a difference in terms of particle board price is who makes it and what brand it is sold under. There are hundreds of manufacturers and suppliers out there. Some of the most popular include U.S Lumber, Saunders Wood Specialties, Norwood Industries, RMG Enterprises, Arrox Plast Industries, Spring Fields, Kunnathan Chip Boards Private Limited, Nihmath Ply, Premwood LLC, and many more.

5. Your Location

The location that you are in will make a difference here too. Generally speaking, due to spatial constraints and the amount of fresh lumber available, things like particle board and lumber, in general, are going to be more affordable in North America than in Europe. That being said, there are differences in the price of particle board depending on your location in North America as well.

For instance, if you live in a large city that is close to transportation routes, then it will be cheaper than if you live in a rural area where it takes a lot of time and money to transport the particle board to retail locations near you. On the other hand, if you live right next to a manufacturer, you might not even have to consider these transportation costs.

6. Quantity

Something else that will make a difference here is the quantity of particle board you buy. For instance, if you just buy a couple of sheets, you’ll be paying full price for it. However, if you are a large building company or contractor, then you can buy it in bulk, and everything is usually cheaper when bought in bulk. That said, if you need just a few sheets for home use, then this is probably not something that is going to be a big determining factor for you.

7. Appearance

The other factor that may affect the price of particle board is its appearance. For instance, low-quality particle board that has a very rough finish is going to cost much less than high-quality particle board that has a very smooth and good-looking finish, such as laminated particle board.

How Much Does Particle Board Cost on Average?

What you need to realize here is that in the past year or so, the prices of lumber have skyrocketed, increasing by as much as 300% or even 400%, which has put a huge strain on builders and contractors everywhere. Before the COVID pandemic happened, you could buy a 4’ x 8’ sheet of particle board for around $10. However, at this time, although some locations may still allow you to purchase particle board for such a low price, you may spend up to $30 or $40 for that same size of sheet.

Sample Particle Board Prices 

Good Price Melamine Particle Board18 mm – 4’ x 8’$11.99
IndiaMart Prelaminated Particle Board18 mm – 4’ x 8’$33 per square foot
Lowe’s Industrial Grade Particle Board½” – 4’ x 8’$51.99
Home Depot Hand Print Particle Board5/8” – 2’ x 4’$8.97


As you can see, particle board is a very affordable building material, and if you get it from the right place and don’t buy the highest quality types, then you can save a whole lot of money by using it. In terms of engineered wood products, it is indeed one of the most affordable ones out there. That said, there are many different factors that affect the average price of this product, with your location being one of the largest ones.