Rikon Bench Grinder Review: Is the 80-808 Good?

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Rikon Bench Grinder Review: Is the 80-808 Good?

Ideal for professional use, the Rikon Power Tools 80-808 8-Inch Bench Grinder is a tool that you’d probably want to have on a job site or in a larger workshop. Due to the larger wheel size and various convenient features, this bench grinder is for the expert craftsman. It also sports high accuracy low-speed grinding with a powerful motor.

I’ve written a review of this bench grinder below. In this way, you’ll know what to expect from it, such as features, pros, and cons to help you decide if it’s right for you.


Reviewed Product

Rikon Power Tools 80-808 8-Inch Bench Grinder

A fantastic low-speed bench grinder ideal for woodworkers. Its 1,725 RPM is ideal for chisels and other delicate tools without the risk of burning or damaging them. It’s durably made with mostly cast metal parts and the rubber feet help to reduce vibrations.


As a heavy-duty grinder for job sites, the Rikon 80-808 focuses more on sharpening chisels due to its slower speed, as compared to those that are above 3,000 RPM. If you are in the woodworking business, then you will like this grinder.


This bench grinder has a speed of 1,725 RPM, which is sufficient for sharpening chisels and similar delicate tools without burning them. The motor runs at 1 HP and the wheels are 8 inches so they are capable of handling larger workpieces.

The rear dust ports are 1-1/4 inches (31 mm) for a simple dust collection system. In addition, the weight is 54 pounds and it measures 10.25 x 19 x 12.13 inches.


This bench grinder comes with a 5-year warranty. Along with the grinder and the mounting hardware, it comes with the tool rests, the user’s manual, and eye shields for protection.

To keep this bench grinder durable and of good quality, it has metal wheel guards that will keep its inner workings protected. Aside from that, vibrations are reduced by the rubber feet and sturdy cast iron base. Added to the durability factors are the wheel flanges, which are cast metal, and the tool rests are made of cast metal as well.


Among its many usability features include the LED work light, which will help you to see your material in the dark. The stand is also bendable so you can position it any way that you want. Moreover, the eye shields on each of the wheels not only protect your eyes from debris but it also magnifies the material closely for you to attain precision from a safe distance.

Likewise, its metal tool rests are adjustable, so you can work with your material from a comfortable level. I also like its ability to be plugged into a dust collector to keep your workplace clean and allergen-free.

Should You Buy the Rikon 80-808 Bench Grinder?

You will like the Rikon 80-808 if you’re mostly working with chisels, which means this will strongly appeal to woodworkers. Unlike high-speed bench grinders that are above 3,000 RPM, this one is only 1,725 RPM so it is okay to be used on delicate sharp tools like chisels.  The larger wheel size of 8 inches also makes it ideal for heavy-duty work.

If you are still unsure about your decision, go through the below list of the pros and cons of the tool.

Pros of the Rikon 80-808

Let’s start with the positives.

It has a large grinding wheel size.

With 8-inch wheels, this grinder is a workhorse for most larger workpieces that you need to sharpen.

The slow speed is ideal for chisels.

At 1,725 RPM, it is a slow speed that will not burn through thin or delicate steel – ideal for chisel sharpening.

It has magnification eye shields.

They not only protect your eyes but they also enhance your vision of the material you’re working on.

Most of its parts are cast metal.

Cast metal is used for the base, body, tool rests, wheel flanges, and the like – a sign of quality and durability.

Cons of the Rikon 80-808

Even though the Rikon 80-808 is a great tool, there are a few cons worth noting as well.

It is only single-speed.

If you intend to work with higher speeds, you’d have to grab a separate grinder for that. Nonetheless, this will not be a con for those who tend to work with the slower speeds.

The light included is not that great.

The light is of subpar quality, but you can easily replace it if you like.

What Are the Alternatives to the Rikon 80-808?

Alternative to Rikon Bench Grinder For those who simply don’t find the Rikon 80-808 a suitable bench grinder for their needs, here are some alternatives that you might like:

The Rikon 80-805 Bench Grinder is a good alternative to the Rikon 80-808 if you prefer a unit from the same manufacturer. They are similar in speeds, this one has 1,750 RPM, but the difference lies in the motor, as this one is only at 1/2 HP. Regardless, both of them have anti-vibration rubber feet and the parts are mainly cast iron. Another difference is the absence of the work light, which the 80-808 model has.

Another similar tool that has a built-in light from above is the Sunex 5002A Bench Grinder. This one is also 8 inches and even comes with mounting holes to keep it in place, in addition to its vibration-resistant rubber feet. It has two wheels: a coarse (36) and a medium one (60). Moreover, this unit also has two eye shields and spark guards for safety. The only major difference is the speed, which is 3,450 RPM.

Yet another similar 8-inch setup on my list is the DeWalt DW758 Bench Grinder (read my review). This one has a 3/4-HP motor as compared to the 1-HP of the Rikon 80-808 model and it has a speed of 3,600 RPM. Nonetheless, it has similar rear exhaust ports in the wheel guards and a rugged cast iron base for durability.

Finally, you might also want to check my list of the best bench grinders on the market.


To wrap it up, the Rikon 80-808 is a great workhorse for the woodworker to get all of their chisels and tools sharpened properly. Due to its slow speed, it won’t cause burning on delicate objects. Although the lights and other extra features aren’t top performers, they are still helpful and can be easily modified manually to improve the machine.


Reviewed Product

Rikon Power Tools 80-808 8-Inch Bench Grinder

A fantastic low-speed bench grinder ideal for woodworkers. Its 1,725 RPM is ideal for chisels and other delicate tools without the risk of burning or damaging them. It’s durably made with mostly cast metal parts and the rubber feet help to reduce vibrations.